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Girls' fashions from Esprit

Explore, marvel and learn; do something new every day – life is exciting and fantastically diverse. Girls' fashions should be exactly the same. Whether it's a pair of trendy stretch jeans, colourful print shirts or cute knitted cardigans; whether it's a fine quality jersey dress or a robust parka; there's so much more available than just pink and so many options to be tried out! Girls' fashions need to feel good and, of course, look good – but above all they must be able to withstand anything that an adventurous girl takes it into her head to do.

For explorers, princesses and girls, who know what they want

It's hard to get out of bed on winter mornings. Even if your little sister is envious of your great school bag, your life of sitting still and doing homework involves a lot of changes. You set off for school, warmly dressed in a pair of soft corduroy trousers, lace-up booties and a cute duffel coat of lightweight child-friendly wool felt, just as the first few signs of light start to appear on the horizon. In the afternoon you lose no time at all getting your homework done – you need to use the last few hours till dusk playing outside on your sledge. Two of your school friends are already waiting for you outside. In a water-repellent down jacket, with a thick hood, and a pair of warm tights under your padded winter trousers you play in the snow and ride your sledge till it gets dark. At home there's a cup of hot tea to warm you up. Your little sister has already scrambled up onto the sofa in a set of soft jersey pyjamas to read her book – why else do you learn to read at school? In colourful leggings and a comfortable zip hoodie you look through the book with her and then it's time for bed. Spring – at last everything is green again. Now it's no longer dark as you make your way to school dressed in a pair of denim jeans and colourful cotton jacket. The first crocuses are already peeping through the soil. Arm in arm with your best friend, who's wearing a lightweight anorak with tights and a jersey skirt, you gabble, play and dally. Now playtimes outside in the school yard are great fun again. It's so sunny at Easter that the breakfast table can be placed outside in the garden. Now a gaggle of bold little girls, festively dressed in striped knitted dresses search the place for colourful Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies. Your little sister crawls under the lilac bushes in a denim skirt, blouse and bolero jack just to check every last corner.

Girls' fashions need to offer something new every day – just like life itself

It's the summer holidays! You're off to spend a week at the seaside with your parents and your little sister. You're already on the beach in the early morning in your sandals and a light cotton dress, hand in hand with your sister in her colourful jersey shorts and print shirt. Then you spend the day paddling in the gentle breakers and playing and digging in the sand to your heart's content. Of course a great day on the beach also involves a large portion of chips and an ice cream in the late afternoon. Tired, tanned and happy you stroll slowly back to your holiday flat later on in the afternoon. Back at home and you still have four weeks' holiday to go – what could be better than a shopping trip, just you and your mum? Hand in hand wearing your capri pants and hooped top, with a cute waisted denim jacket tied around your hips there's something to be discovered around every corner and in every showroom window. Later you're joined by your dad and your little sister who've been to the zoo together. Then you all sit down to a family-sized pizza at your favourite Italian restaurant.

The autumn arrives and there's now nowhere more beautiful than in your garden at home. In jeans and a padded body warmer over a warm knitted sweater you help your dad to rake the leaves in the garden and spread them over the flowerbeds. Everything needs to be made ready for winter. On the weekends you go for long walks in the woods and over the stubbly fields, warmly and comfortably dressed in a coated cotton parka over a knitted turtleneck jumper. You collect conkers, make death-defying leaps over the biggest puddles – and suddenly a few deer shoot out of the undergrowth and disappear into the thicket. It's now lovely and cosy at home. Perched on the windowsill watching the raindrops on the window, cuddled up on the sofa with your mum and dressed in sweat pants and a soft cotton jumper with a cup of hot chocolate – every day is different and always lovely.

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