We know out there is a lot of greenwashing... but we actually care and live to our principles.
Here we'd like to share some Behind-the-scene infos and hope to inspire you aswell to make the world a little better each day!

Vegan & PeTA certified!

More and more vegan alternatives.
You asked, we listened! More and more of our customers are embracing a vegan lifestyle and want completely animal-free products, not only in their diet but also in fashion. That's why we are continuously expanding our range of accessories with vegan alternatives certified by PeTA.

No compromises on animal welfare

For our products we also use materials of animal origin. To ensure that you can really enjoy ultra-soft cashmere or high-quality leather, it is essential for us that all animals in our supply chain are treated with respect and in accordance with the Five Freedoms of the Farm Animal Welfare Council. Fur and various types of wool, where it cannot be guaranteed that the animals are treated well, are not used at all or until good standards and more transparency are in place.

You can find all about our animal welfare guidelines here:

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Where does sustainability begin at Esprit?

With our employees! Everyone is talking about sustainability, and many want to change something. But not everyone knows how they can actually implement sustainability in their everyday lives. We believe that we learn best from each other. That's why our headquarters in Ratingen now has a green wall. Here, every Esprit employee can write down tips, tricks and advice on how sustainability works in reality for them. In this way, we can inspire each other to simply get started and, step by step, live more sustainably and consciously.


Cradle to Cradle Certifie®

We have recently introduced the Cradle to Cradle Certifie® Gold as our product standard:
Here we work only with materials that are harmless to health and the environment. This means responsible use of chemicals, but also of resources such as water and energy, hardly any waste and, of course, good social conditions for everyone involved in the manufacture of our products. Target by 2020: 50% of our denim is certified with Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold.

Esprit Flasche 2

Goodbye Plastic!

Esprit is a plastic bottle free zone. Of course, we still have something to drink, but every employee at our headquarters has been given his or her own pretty glass bottle. This can be refilled again and again at our numerous water stations. 


Do you already wash sustainably?

Wash properly instead of disposing of it quickly! So that you can enjoy your favourite Esprit items for as long as possible, here are all the Do's & Dont's in clothes care. We explain step by step how you can wash, dry and iron your clothes more sustainably.
Because even small things like a low washing temperature lead to lower energy consumption, which in turn has a positive effect on the environment.

mail backgorund

Let's save paper

It's just a piece of paper! Really? When around 6,500 employees worldwide receive their pay slips sent home by mail every month, it's not just a piece of paper. We always try to see the big picture - and that's why we decided to go for a completely paperless, digital payroll. This saves many, many sheets of paper and lots of CO2 every month.

kantine light

Enjoy your meal at the Green Canteen

Sustainable decisions are also made in our canteen. We focus on organic vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meat. And we aim to offer more and more organic food: In the coming years we want to reach a 90% - 100% share.
Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our zero-waste concept in menu planning: we don't throw leftovers away, but include them in the next day's menu.

Sustainable Blog Ecosia

The search engine that plants trees

We've made the switch - to more trees and zero CO2. In our head quarters in Ratingen, Esprit employees now surf the net with the Ecosia Browers. The free, green search engine, uses its profits for worldwide reforestation projects. Over 85 million trees have already been planted.
And since we all constantly need a search engine - why not choose one that also plants trees on the side?
Have a look here: www.ecosia.org


Green Delivery - We ship climate neutral

We don't want to offer you only sustainable products, we also want to make sure that your desired styles reach you in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. That is why we operate our own warehouses in Europe and Asia. This allows us to keep shipping distances relatively short, even as an international company. In addition, we ship everything that leaves our warehouse climate neutrally. What does that mean? The emissions that occur while our products are on their way to you are offset elsewhere, for example through environmental and reforestation projects.