Now on trend: changing the way we think

It’s up to us to make a change. We want to move away from a linear economy and a throwaway culture and towards a recycling economy in which we treat raw materials with respect. Want to join us? Lets make a difference together.


Every step counts

Currently, we already obtain 40% of the material we need from sustainable sources. And this trend is only growing, growing, and growing...


It’s up to us

We’re taking responsibility for bringing this trend full circle! That’s why sustainable production is of the utmost importance to us. This means responsible use of resources, fair working conditions, safe use of chemicals that are necessary for production and strict control of all emissions.


Green delivery

We believe that more environmentally friendly shipping is another crucial aspect of sustainable fashion. That’s why we stock our styles locally in our own warehouses in Europe and Asia, which allows us to keep transport distances short. But obviously we can’t stop shipping altogether.
We are trying to make our shipping climate neutral. This means that the CO2 emissions produced during shipping are offset by environmental projects.


Repairing instead of disposing

Buy, use, dispose? Please don’t! We manufacture high-quality products you can enjoy for a long time. We’d be happy to help you with any small flaws that occur in your regularly worn styles down the line: we now offer a repair service for Esprit clothing in every store in Germany.


Use what’s already there

The fact is: we use more resources than will be available to us in the long term. It can’t go on like this. Especially not in the fashion industry. That’s why we want to recycle, upcycle and reuse more and more textile materials to manufacture a new product. And then again. And again. This way, we use what’s already available in the economic cycle without having to add anything new.

Better for you. Better for the world.

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