The better denim

Better fit. Better for the world. The better denim.
Sustainable products are important to us.
That's why we're already using organic cotton or recycled materials in lots of our jeans.

3M® Thinsulate®

Do you want to reduce your ecological footprint too?
Recycling's a breeze with our 3M® Thinsulate filling made of 34 recycled PET bottles per jacket.

Organic cotton

Did you know that more than 10% of the cotton that we use is organically culitvated? By 2021, we aim to use 100% sustainable cotton, including organic cotton, recycled cotton and cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative!

Recycled cotton

We also focus on the use of recycled cotton from the post and pre-consumer waste.
Post-consumer waste, e.g. is used clothing that comes from donations.
Pre-consumer waste includes fabric residues from cutting during production.
The objective is to keep both types of waste away from landfills.


Tencel™ is a natural and particularly sustainable cellulose fiber
and it is up to 100% degradeable. We use it for summer denim-like fabrics.
Its special properties include being smooth and cool to wear - perfect for the summer.
Washable and soft to the touch.

Responsible wool RWS

Esprit is certified according to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).
2% of the wool used for our current collection is RWS certified already.
Our aim is for 50% of our wool to be RWS certified by 2020.

Lenzing™ EcoVero™

The EU eco-label certified viscose consumes only 50% of the water and
energy consumed in conventional processes.
The raw materials used originate entirely from sustainable forests.

Fur Free Retailer

ESPRIT is a fur free company and part of the Fur Free Retailer Program.

Recycled Polyester

Esprit employs the Recycled Claim Standard and the Global Recycling Standard.