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Bathroom accessories from Esprit

The bathroom is often the first room we enter in the mornings and the last one we visit in the evening. With the right accessories a bathroom can become a real oasis of well-being where we enjoy spending time, styling and regenerating ourselves. Elegantly designed and made of interesting materials, basic commodities such as toothbrush holders or soap dispensers can improve the look of any bathroom. A shag-pile bathmat in trendy colours, stylish towels in stone-washed look with matching flannel mitt and our own personal favourite bathrobe of soft cotton terry towelling can transform our bathroom into our very own spa experience each and every day.

Space to relax with stylish bath accessories

It's hard to believe: after an endless search your sister has finally found a flat. As she always did respect your innate sense of décor and design she's asked you to help her with the design and furnishing of her new residence after she moves in. Days before you're already thinking about what you should give her as a house-warming present. Suddenly you remember how she came to you in a striped bathrobe after a long soak in your bath and told you that she'd rarely come across a bathroom with such a relaxed but at the same time stylish atmosphere as yours. You were very pleased about this compliment because for you your bathroom has always been a really special place where you love to pamper yourself in a luxurious bath in candlelight after a stressful day at work. You've augmented the rather puristic modern atmosphere of the room with solid stone soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and other bathroom accessories in warm sandy hues, which exude a calm and relaxed atmosphere. In combination with colour-matched bath mats and hand towels of snuggly terry towelling, this bathroom has become your own special private refuge for periods of relaxed well-being. You already know what you'll be buying her: bathroom accessories.

Bathroom accessories – with a love of detail

When you get to your sister's place you hug each other. You discretely place the bag full of presents you've bought with you next to the wardrobe. The first thing on the agenda is work: you work together to put all the furniture in its correct place, chat and laugh, and rearrange everything several times until you're both finally satisfied with the result and are also completely exhausted. As your sister goes down to the Asian takeaway on the corner to get some sushi for your well-earned supper, you prepare your pre-planned surprise: You distribute the greyish brown coloured bathroom accessories of matt stainless steel around the bathroom. You position an elegant soap dish on the side of the sink, in which you put a bar of special olive oil soap. You place a high-quality toothbrush holder on the shelf above the sink as well as a stainless steel beaker with a lid for all the little things that your sister ordinarily likes to leave scatted around the shelf. In addition you've bought her some leather-look grey-brown tea light holders that go wonderfully with the other bathroom accessories and provide atmospheric lighting. On the edge of the bath you position a few large candles in glass holders before running a hot bubble bath with relaxing lavender aroma and laying out a fluffy terry towelling kimono and embroidered hand towels. When your sister gets back you lead her into the bathroom with her eyes bound. You're sister is really pleased and thanks you profusely because now she can finally get rid of the colourful plastic toothbrush cup and the large South Sea shell that she's been using as a soap dish for years. Your surprise has worked, and when you sister finally gets out of the bath you both enjoy the tasty sushi and raise a glass of white wine to the newly styled flat.

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