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Kitchen accessories from Esprit

Our kitchens are full of life: this is where you enjoy protracted cooking sessions and tasty meals with family and friends. Stylish kitchen accessories ensure that all our creative dishes are served in the right ambience: colourful crockery, original table set and smart table runner can be matched perfectly with our own individual décor styles to make the kitchen the centre of our homes.

Kitchen accessories meet all your design demands

Early in the afternoon you get a text message from your friend. After several weeks of looking at flats, speaking to estate agents and searching the Internet she's finally found somewhere to live. She's planning a house-warming party the coming weekend and needs a fair bit of help – of course she wants you and and many of her other friends to come over to help. So on the Saturday you all set off on a joint shopping trip – but not to the trendy shops in town this time; instead you head for the supermarket. You finally head home laden down with everything you need for the party: as soon as you get back to your friend's new home she first shows you and your other friends round. After showing you around the house you all gather in the spacious kitchen, which is clearly the heart of the flat. You all consult about the buffet – you all have your own ideas and tips but your friend, whose flat it is, acts as the project manager. In a checked kitchen apron she flicks through the recipes and helps wherever help is needed. She also serves strong coffee in brightly striped cups to ensure you all stay fit for the party. You take charge of setting the table. You put an original placemat in front of every seat made of deep blue parallel bamboo strips. Under these you place a jacquard table runner that provides a fantastic contrast to the placemats. In order to give the party a festive character, you decorate the table with various candles.

Kitchen accessories: versatile, functional and stylish

Just as you've finished getting everything ready your friend comes into the living room in a set of oven gloves that match her apron and a steaming baking dish. A wonderful aroma of various dishes comes wafting out of the kitchen and fills the whole flat. As quick as a flash the buffet table is assembled. Everyone thinks it looks great – immediately your friend wants to take a group photo. Laughing and giggling you all adopt your positions in front of the dishes and containers full of delicacies for a group photo. Afterwards your friend promises to send you all a copy of the photo. She's just finished taking the final photo when the door bell rings for the first time. Slowly but surely the guests arrive – and they all rave about the generous buffet. The evening turns out great and you all have fond memories of it. One of your friends has a particularly good idea: he takes a few polaroids for the fridge with his instant camera. Slowly the the pleasant evening comes to an end. When most of your guests have left it's time to start cleaning up: your friend hands out a number of differently patterned dish cloths. After you've finished the final task of the evening and you've hugged your friend one last time there's no more evidence of the party – apart from the fridge door.

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