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Lounge accessories from Esprit

The lounge is probably the most important room in the house. This is where we can spend a few hours recharging our batteries with a good book and where we relax after a hard day's work. Decoratively pattern cushion covers, vintage-look rugs and fluffy cotton mix throws are the kind of lounge accessories that make for an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being within our own four walls. The main thing is: it's the details that make our living rooms so unique.

Lounge accessories exude individuality and creativity

The day couldn't have started better – as you draw back your floral patterned curtains, you're greeted by a glorious sunny morning. And to top it all off – it's your birthday today. You're planning a big party with family, friends and everyone you're close to. Before you dive into the arrangements you make sure you enjoy a decent breakfast: warm croissants, fresh oranges and a steaming mug of coffee. You enjoy the refreshment and run your naked toes through the soft shag-pile carpet. Just as you're about to clear the table the doorbell rings. Your next door neighbour is the first one to offer you her birthday wishes. Over the past few years you've both become quite close – and it goes without saying that she'll spend the morning helping you with the party arrangements. Together you set the table. Stylishly designed candle sticks make for a cosy atmosphere – the flickering candlelight casts evocative shadows on the pink wallpaper. You start baking the various cakes together. Whilst you're cracking the eggs, whisking up the milk and stirring with all your strength, the gleaming sun is shining in through the fluted lace drapes – perfect birthday weather.

Special lounge accessories always give a house a certain je ne sais quoi

Later in the afternoon it's finally time: almost an hour goes by from when you open the door the first time the doorbell goes till you can finally close it. Your favourite people turn up bringing lots of love, laughter and, of course, quite a few presents. You particularly like the colourful wooden picture frames your sister gives you. She's had one of her own favourite pictures framed the pair of you on the beach with a huge ice cream cone in front of a glorious blue sky and a turquoise sea. Your best friend has already picked out the best place to hang the picture. After you've all said your hellos you take a seat at your solid oak dining table and try the cake. Everyone's favourite is the carrot cake with a marzipan topping. You're neighbour catches your eye with a wink – your team work has certainly paid off. After a while your dad suggests a walk in the nearby woods. The gradually changing foliage contributes to the happy atmosphere. You have lively conversations and relax completely in the bosom of your family. Your two-year-old nephew makes everyone laugh when he loses his balances whilst carefully inspecting a molehill and lands on the seat of his trousers with a startled look on his face. Once you get back to the house most of the family say their goodbyes. Of course your friends stay behind to help you clean up. Much later when it's already dark the only one remaining is your neighbour who's sitting on the sofa between the originally patterned jacquard cushions. Wrapped in knitted blankets, a glass of red wine in hand, the pair of your decide that the evening has been a success. And you've saved the best till last: two huge pieces of carrot cake!

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