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Children’s belts by Esprit

Our kids are always very active and on the go a lot. Whether they are in kindergarten, at school or on the playground in the afternoons: they romp around, run and laugh – lots of movement is the order of the day. How convenient that you can choose the right children’s belts for all types of activities. Stylish leather belts, elastic basic belts and vintage leather belts with elastic band ensure a good hold and a comfortable fit around the waist. Belts for children by Esprit are chic and practical.

Belts for children: easy to put on and very comfortable

On the weekend, it’s your nephew’s sixth birthday party. Together with your husband and both your children, you are going to visit your sister for two days. Before you leave, you still have to get a present. What gifts do six year old boys like? You simply ask your son, who turned five recently. It doesn’t take him long to give you a list of presents he would fancy – in the end you have to decide between new colouring crayons, dinosaur figurines or a football. You decide on the football and take you son shopping with you. At the sports shop, he has a lot of fun trying out all the different footballs. You are smiling as you watch him, dressed in his dark denim jeans, zipped hoodie and a grey basic belt with a round buckle, dribbling the ball around the chest-height shelves. After his spontaneous training session, the two of you decide on an orange-coloured ball. Afterwards, you collect your daughter from school. This is a good opportunity for your son to take a look at his future primary school. But when he discovers his sister in the school yard, his curiosity is over: with a beaming smile, he runs towards her, calling her name and waving at her. Together with her little brother, your daughter sits in the back seat, dressed in her casual cardigan, slim-cut jeans and colourful patterned leather belt.

Children’s belts – huge selection of colours and styles for children

During the car ride home she has lots to report: she talks about written tests, oral grades and the planned class outing to the zoo. After lunch, your children start to pack their suitcases. Not an easy task, because even though you are only going away for two days, there is a lot to think about. With a little help and advice from you, the children are soon set for travelling the next day. You leave quite early – your daughter is used to getting up early for school, but your son finds it a little more difficult. After a refreshing shower and some hot cocoa he sits down next to his sister on the bottom step of the staircase; she is dressed in a jumper with a fun print, corduroy trousers and a vintage leather belt in a glittering metallic style. As you turn into in your sister’s street, the birthday boy is already running towards you from the garden. In a new jersey of this favourite football team, stretch denim jeans and a black leather belt he runs over to greet the visitors. Three of his friends from kindergarten are sitting at his birthday table together with his parents. Your son, looking very smart today in dark jeans and a brown leather belt with a rectangular buckle, personally gives the birthday boy his present and watches him excitedly as he opens it. Your nephew isn't the only one delighted about his present: after they have eaten some birthday cake, your nephew and the other birthday guests run outside to play with the new football. You stay in the living room, have coffee and chat with your sister in a relaxed atmosphere – thanks to the bold colour of the football, you can keep track of the game at the same time.

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