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Jackets for boys by Esprit

Coats and jackets for boys must protect from wind and weather and also appeal to style-conscious boys. A colourful duffle coat is the perfect choice for exploring, a casual denim jacket is great for any adventure and a water-repellent down parka protects from wind and rain. Special jackets for special occasions: an elegant blazer or a cool faux-leather jacket ensures variety and the right look. Well-dressed for any occasion – Esprit jackets for boys.

Sporty jackets for adventurous explorers

Your son can’t wait: on Saturday, you are all going to the zoo, together with two other mums and a total of five little animal lovers. Last spring, you visited this zoo with your young son. He loved it, especially the baby animals. A few of the freely running animals did intimidate him though. Your son was very brave when the dark-coloured hogs came over to sniff the large pockets of his cotton parka looking for food. But in the large goat enclosure, you had to pick him up and hold him when the boisterous goats surrounded him, making a huge noise, and even pulled on his jacket with their hungry mouths. The goats made more of an impression on him than the big bears and the deer. For days he was talking about how they had climbed and jumped on the rocks.

Kids' jackets for all occasions

Now, five months later, you are curious to see how big the baby animals have grown by now. The weather is not great, but dressed in his water-repellent down jacket with hood, that doesn’t affect your son’s excitement. On the way to the zoo, he excitedly tells all the other children, wrapped up in their trendy children’s jackets, what to watch out for when feeding and petting the baby animals – and that they don’t need to be afraid of the animals. At the entrance, every child receives a bag of feed, and the adventure starts. Your son already knows his way around and runs ahead of the other children. The grunting hogs are waiting at the first corner. As agreed with you earlier, your son stands still, gets some feed out of his jacket pocket and throws it to the hogs. The children stop running and continue walking slowly to avoid frightening the animals. Passing the enclosures with agile and quickly moving rodents, your son heads straight to a small log cabin: the bat hut. The children venture into the darkness, in awe, but also a little scared. One of the girls puts on the faux-fur lined hood of her parka jacket and the other children start to giggle. They can’t help letting out little screams of terror as the bats flit past their heads, but at the same time they are fascinated by the skilful creatures of the night, which they've only known from children’s books and horror stories up to now. Back outside in the daylight, it starts to drizzle. You make sure that everyone puts on their warm padded jackets, parkas and anoraks and pull up their hoods. The children are so in awe of the many animals that the little bit of rain doesn’t dampen the mood. When they arrive at the outdoor enclosure where the curious little goats roam, your son goes all quiet. But once he sees how his friends approach the goats quite naturally and feed and pet them, he sums up all his courage and joins them. You smile to yourself and can already tell that your little animal lover will once again talk about the goats for days on end.

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