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Jumpers and cardigans for boys by Esprit

Jumpers and cardigans for boys by Esprit are much more than just basics. The selection can’t be large enough to reflect the diverse interests and activities of our active boys: a colourful striped jumper for playing, a sporty printed sweatshirt for meeting up with friends or a sweatshirt with a funny slogan for after school: our jumpers and sweatshirts make sure that our boys can express their fashion sense as they fancy. A casual zipped hoodie offers perfect freedom of movement for outdoor adventures and a warm cardigan protects against the cold. Whatever is on the agenda: jumpers and cardigans by Esprit offer our boys the variety they need.

Ready for any adventure: children’s jumpers

You are enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon on your own. You have just dropped off your son, dressed in a cosy chunky knit cotton jumper and corduroy trousers, at one of his friends. The house is so peaceful and quiet! Finally, you have the time to fill a photo album with last year’s photos. You make yourself comfortable on the sofa with a glue stick, a box full of photos and a cup of tea. You are amazed at how many photos have accumulated. Where to start? The first picture you discover is a photo of your son in a trendy V-neck jumper throwing streamers in the air. Clearly, this was at last year’s New Year's Eve party. You remember how your little son insisted on staying up until midnight but then fell asleep on the sofa and even slept through the fireworks. You smile to yourself and stick the picture in the album. On the next lot of photos, your son is crawling on all fours, in his jeans, through flower beds looking for Easter eggs. It was a cool day and he was wearing a polo neck jumper and a warm merino wool cardigan with cable stitch pattern, proudly holding an Easter egg he had found into the camera. The next pictures are from your holiday on a small North Sea island, where you rented a beautiful holiday home right behind the dyke. In the first photo, your son is standing on the ferry and looking at the sea gulls with the hood of his zipped hoodie up to protect himself from the wind. In one photo, he is standing on the dyke in the midst of countless white sheep, dressed in his animal print sweatshirt and waving towards the camera; in other photos, he is sinking in the silt in the mud flats, his trouser legs rolled up and wearing his colourful jacquard jumper – grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Jumpers for boys – chic and sporty

The last pictures were taken on a visit to the grandparents, who took your son to the autumn forest to search for mushrooms. Your little son looks highly concentrated in the pictures, following his grandfather through the undergrowth, carrying a basket and dressed in a colourful cotton cardigan. After you have glued these last photos to the page, you close the photo album and think fondly about all the great memories. You glance at your watch and realise that its nearly time for your little tomboy to come home. A few quiet hours every now and then are certainly nice, but they don’t compare to the adventures with your little whirlwind.

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