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T-shirts and polos for boys by Esprit

T-shirts and shirts are essential basics in the wardrobe of active boys. The selection is huge and reflects the diverse interests and activities of our boys: a fun T-shirt with stripe print for sporting activities, a casual denim shirt for meeting up with friends or a shirt with a cheeky slogan, let the boys romp around as they please. Made from high-quality materials and in a wide variety of colours, patterns and prints, T-shirts and shirts for boys by Esprit add variety and fun to the wardrobe – and to everyday life.

An adventurous treasure hunt

When you collect your son from school this Friday, you can already see how excited he is from afar. In his jersey shirt with a fun print, he runs up to you, his best friend alongside him, wearing a colourful chequered shirt: there is a treasure hunt tomorrow! Excited, he tries to explain everything to you in detail. He has been invited to a paper chase tomorrow. His best friend’s twin cousins are coming to visit on the weekend and the parents have decided to have a fun day in the fresh air with the little adventurers. Naturally, your son is invited. He is so excited, he can’t talk about anything else the whole afternoon. Will they find the treasure? What will the treasure look like? Will there be any dangerous traps and false clues? In the evening, after you have finally put your little boy to bed in his comfortable T-shirt, you call up his friend’s parents again to tell them that the treasure hunt is a fabulous idea and ask them if they need any help. But everything has already been prepared and planned. The father has already laid out a track and mysterious sawdust clues for the little detectives to follow. At the end, the trackers will find a little treasure – and a delicious picnic will be waiting for them.

Always up for adventures: T-shirts and shirts for boys

The next morning, your little boy can’t wait to get to the arranged meeting place at the forest parking lot. Dressed in his cargo pants and casual hoodie shirt, and holding your hand, he is virtually dragging you there. At the parking lot, the boys greet each other loudly and excitedly. Your son’s best friend proudly pulls out a proper small detective magnifying glass from the pocket of his chequered shirt. A task is assigned to everyone: the twins – who can be told apart easily today, as the one is wearing a colourful T-shirt with a stripe pattern, and the other one a solid coloured Henley shirt – both receive a prepared treasure map on which important spots have already been marked. Your son is in charge of the compass; his friend’s father explains it to him in detail. Thus prepared, the children go and search for the first clue. They quickly find it and are excitedly discussing it: on the forest ground, there is a clearly visible arrow made from saw dust, pointing into the direction they need to take next. The children follow the trail and you can hear their excited cries of joy whenever they find new clues for a long time. One thing is clear: this treasure hunt is just right for the young adventurers.

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