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Underwear and nightwear for boys by Esprit

Above all, underwear for boys has to be comfortable and cosy to make them feel good during all their activities in the day. High-quality materials and sporty designs ensure our boys have lots of freedom of movement and are comfortable, whether they opt for a cotton top with a fun motif print or for colourful cotton stretch shorts. To make sure that the boys love their underwear and nightwear, trendy prints and pleasant materials ensure that they enjoy changing into their fluffy cotton flannel pyjamas at night and putting on their colourful shorts and vests in the morning.

Day and night: underwear and nightwear for boys

This morning you are woken up earlier than usual: even before the alarm clock goes off, your two sons jump into your bed causing a racket, dressed in their cosy jersey pyjamas. There's no time for the usual early morning cuddles, because today you are going camping with them for the first time. Your little rascals have been excited for days as they only know camping from adventure stories. Your boys would love to camp in the forest, but to get them used to sleeping in a tent you have convinced them that camping in your garden is adventurous enough to start with. However, you had to promise that no one will cheat and that everyone will pretend that the boys are really sleeping in the forest. But first it’s time to wash and get dressed. You have chosen a tank top with a fun print and matching cotton stretch shorts for your younger son; your eldest has already chosen chequered shorts and a cotton top. Paired with robust jeans and a sweat shirt, and they are ready to go. At breakfast you discuss what they need to have in the tent: camping mattresses, sleeping bags, torch, pocket knife, toothbrushes and so on – after all,nobody wants to cheat! Then, the food supplies are prepared and packed. You are busy packing everything into the backpacks when you remember that you didn’t pack any nightwear. As it’s quite cold at night, you chose cosy cotton flannel pyjamas for your younger son and warm sweat trousers and his favourite hoodie for your eldest son.

Underwear and nightwear for boys: ready for any adventure

After you have packed all your equipment, you go into the garden and look for a good place to put up the tent. Your boys choose a nice sheltered spot behind the elder tree, as the house is hardly visible from here and it almost feels like being in the real forest. Putting up the tent takes longer than expected, but you finally manage it. Your boys spend the entire day outside in their new camp and prepare for a life in the wild. With a lot of imagination, they collect sticks, fruits and nuts and are on the lookout for wild animals. In the evening, you build a small camp fire together to create a perfect adventurous atmosphere outside in the wild. After some delicious stick bread and lots of adventure stories around the camp fire, your little boys are slowly getting tired. Together, you put out the fire, the boys change into their fluffy nightwear and get comfortable in their sleeping bags – ready for their first adventurous night in the wilderness.

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