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Girls' dresses and skirts from Esprit

Our little girls are just like us: they love clothes and dressing up, but they also love exercise and adventure. So girls' dresses and skirts need to be stylish and pretty but should in no way restrict our bright little girls in their full range of movement. Esprit's dresses and skirts for girls easily bridge the divide between beauty and practicality, delicate and robust. Not only is a denim or corduroy skirt totally stylish, it's also good for any adventure so that, depending how they feel on any given day, a girl can play at being a princess in a magnificent velvet dress or an intrepid explorer on a voyage of discovery in a cotton knitted dress.

Up for anything: girls' dresses and shirts

For the past few weeks your family life has been dominated by one thing only: your daughter will soon be celebrating her eighth birthday. And of course this special day calls for a special celebration. Having learned on the basis of last year's birthday party that your living room is not equipped to deal with the adventurous spirit and exercise needs of ten young girls you've decided to have the party somewhere else this year. Based on a tip from one of the other young mothers you've chosen to book a birthday programme at a museum. You opt for a murder mystery theme for the birthday celebrations because this subject will make for an exciting day for everyone. You decide upon the museum foyer as a meeting place and the other parents organise car shares and promise to drop their kids off on time. All you now need to do at home is to prepare the snacks and drinks for the break. And, much more importantly of course, you need to decide on the most appropriate birthday outfit for your big (little) girl.

Girls' dresses and shirts – always on the go

The day before, your daughter already wants to choose what to wear. But it's hard to decide: the soft velvet dress with the pretty Peter Pan collar? Or the pretty and frilly polka dot dress? Or maybe the denim dress with the sewn-on flowers? Ideally your daughter would like to wear everything at once, but in the end she does manage to make a decision. She wants to wear her printed cotton dress with a pair of stripy tights, a cotton shirt and a cardigan. That night your daughter can hardly sleep; she's so excited. The next morning she bounces onto your bed much earlier than usual to give you a chance to wish a her a happy birthday. After a delicious breakfast you both help to pack the muffins and other tasty treats. Just before you're due to leave your daughter charges back up to her bedroom and comes back down in her favourite velvet dress. Now there's nothing else to prevent you from setting off to spend an exciting and inspiring birthday at the museum. The other kids and their parents arrive in dribs and drabs, and the museum foyer is soon transformed into a kids' playground. Eventually a nice young museum education officer rounds up the kids and leads them off into the depths of the museum in search of clues. The kids are all enthusiastic and totally engrossed. You're quite moved as you watch the little'ns searching every nook and cranny for clues, each armed only with a magnifying glass. Ten little girls in their pretty dresses and skirts all totally absorbed in their detective work. You're happy and relieved that your daughter's birthday party is such a success – and that this time your living room is well out of the line of fire.

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