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Girls' jackets from Esprit

Girls of any age always know exactly what they want – that goes for girls' jackets as well as for everything else. Of course girls' jackets need to look good and combine trendy designs and colours. But they also need to feel good as well as being comfortable and robust enough to withstand everything an active girl might decide to do to pass the time. Whether it's a walk to school, a session at the swing park or a trip to the shops; whether it's a woollen mix jacket, a robust anorak or a sporty cotton jerkin: modern jackets for girls give a girl the freedom she needs – and they look great too.

Fashionable or sporty, lightweight or warmly padded – the right jacket for every occasion

It's summer – amazingly your daughter is starting her second year at school. Hard to believe how quickly her first year went by. Feeling rather wistful you watch her as she gaily leaves the house on her first day back dressed in a jersey wool skirt, sandals and a cute denim jacket. A few hours later when the whole family is assembled for lunch she babbles away excitedly about her new classroom, her teachers and what her friends did during the summer holidays. While helping herself to a second helping of pasta pomodoro your daughter tells you that there's a new girl in her class. Your husband's ears prick up when she mentions her surname – his new work colleague has exactly the same name. Just a few days ago you both bumped into the nice lady when you were out shopping. A glorious Indian summer gradually takes hold. One Sunday afternoon you and the rest of the family head for the park to take advantage of the wonderful weather once again. You cycle, play ball games and eat ice cream stretched out on a blanket – a pity that it'll soon be autumn. It's already getting dark and your daughter is just putting her parka on when you hear someone calling out to you. A young woman with a little girl in a lightweight leather-look jacket comes cheerfully towards you. It's your husband's new colleague and your daughter's new classmate. You greet one another and immediately fall into an animated conversation. As it's beginning to get dark you invite her to supper on the spur of the moment so that you can continue the pleasant conversation. It turns into a nice evening. You remain at the table for a long while, chatting and laughing about all sorts of things, while the two little girls play about and soon head off to your daughter's bedroom.

Girl's jackets are good for any adventure

The lead-up to Christmas flies by – you've quickly become friends with this little family. In the mornings outside the school when you say goodbye to your daughter dressed in her lace-up boots and quilted parka her best friend is already running up to her warmly dressed in a colourful water-repellent winter coat with a knitted scarf and bonnet. You get a final wave and then the two little girls walk off together. Just after Christmas the reports are handed out. Proudly your daughter arrives back at the house and flings off her knitted bonnet and duffel coat as she comes through the door, eager to show you the great marks she got. She tells you that her best friend also got a great report. They've both earned a reward: you decide to take them to the cinema. After the film you meet up with her mum for a large pizza at your favourite Italian restaurant – it's a real girly day out. Spring arrives and your daughter's class is planning a two-day trip to a woodland adventure park. They'll be staying overnight in a school youth hostel in the middle of the woods. It'll be her first time away from home by herself – your daughter has already decided she'll be sharing a room with her best friend and another one of their favourite classmates. The excursion is a big event for you too. The night before the pair of you go through the list of things to take one last time and pack a pair of wellies and a light raincoat; then everything is ready to go. Helping your daughter into her cotton jacket a half an hour too early the next morning so she can make it to the bus on time, you look out the window and have to laugh. Your daughter's friend is already outside in a two-tone hooded windcheater tugging impatiently on her still sleepy-looking mother's hand. You give your daughter a big hug, kiss her on the cheek and then you all set off together.

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