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Jeans and trousers for girls by Esprit

Jeans and trousers for girls simply have to be comfortable and a pleasure to wear to make sure that your daughter is well prepared for all the exciting activities during her day. To ensure that our girls feel good all round, our trousers are available in fashionable washes and designs. They come in a large variety of trendy colours and have clever details such as adjustable waist bands or stretch material to provide more freedom of movement. Girl’s trousers by Esprit are the perfect attire for young explorers – from our casual stretch jeans, casual children’s corduroy trousers or our stylish cotton cargo pants.

Enjoy adventures in smart girl’s jeans and girl’s trousers

Tomorrow, you are taking your daughter on a road trip to Denmark for the first time. You are all very excited about the holiday – for your daughter especially, the one-week trip is a very special trip. When you collect her from kindergarten dressed in her white jersey shirt and slim cut corduroy trousers, she immediately shows you the pictures she painted today; they mostly have the same theme: blue waves rolling towards a golden-yellow beach and screeching seagulls in the sky – Mum and Dad are of course also in the picture. At home, your daughter has changed into a grey cardigan and blue stretch jeans and helps you prepare lunch. While you are cutting the tomatoes, your daughter tosses the salad with a big spoon. After she has vividly told you all about the important events of the day, you talk about the upcoming holiday. Your daughter’s curiosity seems infinite: what currency do they have in Denmark; what is the name of the Danish queen? How do you say “hello” in Danish? Even during lunch she cannot get enough information about the holiday destination and nearly forgets to eat her spaghetti in tomato sauce. In the afternoon the neighbour’s daughter comes over to play. While the girls are romping around in the garden in their robust jeans, you start getting the travel bags ready. Your daughter has already told you that she would like to choose her clothes herself. With a smile on your face you place the open children’s suitcase on her bed. When her girlfriend is picked up to go home, the two of you start packing.

Children’s trousers and children’s jeans in relaxed casual style

You are surprised how well your daughter packs her suitcase: in addition to her T-shirts, blouses and jeans, she insists on taking her beloved grey velvet trousers and her comfortable jeggings. She even remembers her toothbrush, colouring book and of course her dark brown teddy. The next morning, the journey starts. Before you have even got up, your daughter has already dressed herself in pleated jeans and a green cardigan and is sitting on her packed suitcase in kitchen, ready to leave. Once you have got up, made sandwiches for the road and stowed the luggage in the car, the journey can finally begin. There is a lot to discover on the road trip – from black and white cows to giant wind turbines reaching to the skies by the side of the road. When you arrive at the red-painted holiday home, your daughter can hardly wait to go for a first walk to the beach. But first, you have to go shopping. Dressed in purple satin trousers and a light T-shirt with a playful print, you are off to the next supermarket. Your daughter is amazed at all the products she has never seen before – especially the Danish yoghurt in large milk cartons. At the end of your long day, the three of you stroll to the beach. With Mum and Dad holding hands, taking in the fresh sea air, your daughter, dressed in cotton cargo pants and a hooded jumper, enjoys the beautiful scenery – she is especially happy that it looks exactly like in her paintings.

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