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Girls' jumpers from Esprit

Who says that jumpers for girls can only be pink or purple, with glittery prints or ribbons? Even if girls do like a bit of glitter and the typical girly colours today's girls' jumpers come in every style from sporty to pretty, from casual to fashionable – the main thing is for our girls to feel great and not to be restricted in their urge to explore. Comfortable sweatshirts of soft jersey wool, colourful hooded jumpers with trendy print pattern or cute V-neck jumpers and finely knitted cardigans – no matter what the day has in store there are all sorts of great jumpers for girls to make it even more varied and cheerful.

Trendy jumpers for girls: print or pattern, pretty or sporty and plain

Ever since your daughter has been in year one she's been walking to school in the morning with her first real school friend. Her little friend lives a couple of streets further down and you're always a bit emotional when you watch the pair of them through the living room window as she walks off. Lost in conversation they walk down the street, your daughter dressed in a cotton sweatshirt with a cute print pattern and her friend in a colourful finely knitted turtle-neck jumper that tones in perfectly with her pink satchel. They're laughing and gesticulating and you're amazed at how quickly time goes by. When your daughter gets back from school on this particular day she's really excited. Her friend has invited her round for a sleepover the following Friday. The pair of them have got it all planned out: they want to have a real pyjama party. You quickly clarify everything with the little girl's mother over the phone and you arrange to drop your daughter round this coming Friday afternoon. As expected: your daughter gets back from school that Friday, rips off her waisted sweat jacket as she bursts through the door and wants to get on with packing her overnight bag right away. Her favourite pyjamas, toothbrush and a teddy bear all end up in her bag along with a packet of biscuits and a couple of exciting reading books in addition to a sporty zip hoodie with appliqué that she can comfortably wear over her pyjama top.

By the time it's nearly four o'clock your daughter is already so fidgety that you unceremoniously squeeze her into her jacket over the top of her thin hooped cotton-mix jumper, take her by the hand and march her off to her friend's house. Even before you reach the garden gate of her friend's house the front door bursts open and your daughter's little friend comes charging towards you dressed in a cute jersey wool skirt and a cotton V-neck jumper. The two girls vanish upstairs in a trice while you and the other girl's mother sit down to a cosy cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the kitchen. You've only met a few times, but you both took an immediate liking to one another. The ensuing conversation quickly moves from general chit-chat to your own special interests and you're surprised to discover that you both have a lot in common. As you say goodbye to your daughter with a hug and a kiss a half hour later you've already arranged to meet up with her friend's mother the next Sunday morning to go jogging together.

Jumpers that can withstand anything – exciting days and major discoveries

On the Saturday you enjoy the luxury of a long lie-in – your little whirlwind is charging around someone else's house this morning. After a lengthy breakfast you spend the rest of the morning with a well-earned pampering session, then you tidy up a bit and finally flop down on the settee with a good book. A great feeling – but still, you almost miss the usual chaos. The doorbell rings just before lunch. Your daughter, dressed in a pair of jeans and a monochrome jersey wool sweater jumps into your arms, happy and excited, while you say 'hello' to her little friend and her mother, who have brought your daughter home. You chat a while with the mother while your daughter tugs impatiently on the sleeve of her friend's print-pattern hooded sweatshirt – she simply must show her her room. As the two of them charge off you smilingly convince the mother to join you in the kitchen so that you can pay her back for yesterday's pleasent coffee afternoon.

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