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Swimsuits and bikinis for girls by Esprit

Swimsuits and bikinis for girls for fun in the water. From splashing around to their first swimming lessons to holidays at the seaside, our sporty girls need swimwear with high wearing comfort and lots of freedom of movement. Swimwear must be fun: beautifully patterned swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis with playful details ensure that our girls are comfortable and carefree when they explore the wet element.

Great water fun: swimsuits and bikinis for girls

Today is the first time this year that you are taking your daughter to the outdoor swimming pool. Your daughter loves the outdoor pool because to her it’s one huge adventure playground. In winter, you took her to the indoor pool several times so that she could practise swimming in her sporty swimsuit – but the outdoor pool is an entirely different experience altogether. You appreciate relaxing days at the outdoor pool, too. For you, it’s a chance to read a book in peace and quiet or to simply relax in the sun, as your little girl is perfectly entertained without you. And you love those playful and joyous moments, for example, when your daughter, wearing her colourful tankini, runs to you straight from the water and shakes her wet hair all over you, giving you a complimentary refreshing shower. You also enjoy playing in the water with her, practising swimming or playing diving games. Enough with the day dreaming, your daughter is ready to go! You laugh, and the two of you quickly pack everything you need for a great day at the outdoor pool: children’s sun block, drinks, towels, a book for you, an inflatable ball for your daughter and the beach ball set. You only take along a little bit of fruit, as the perfect day at the outdoor pool simply has to include a large portion of chips with mayonnaise and ketchup from the tuck shop. You wear your swimsuit under your summer dress; your daughter does the same and wears a light dress over her triangle bikini. Now you just need your sandals, sunglasses and sun hats, and you are ready to go. Fully kitted out, you and your daughter hold hands and make your way to the outdoor pool, ready for a great day and lots of fun at the pool.

Hot days and cool water: swimwear for girls

Once you have arrived at the outdoor pool, you find a beautiful spot on a slope under the birch trees and spread out your towels. It’s perfect for sunbathing or lying in the shade of the trees. Your daughter quickly throws her shirt on the towel and she’s off. You watch her, dressed in a bikini, as she romps around with the other children in the non-swimmers' pool. It doesn’t take long until she comes back and introduces a new girlfriend to you; a cheerful little girl in a colourful patterned swimsuit. They would like to go to the tuck shop to get some sour worms and ice cream. You laugh and send the girls to the tuck shop – under the condition that they get you a delicious ice cream, too. You watch as they stand in the tuck shop queue and immediately start chatting with other girls, all dressed in colourful and bright swimsuits. Happy that your daughter is having so much fun here at the outdoor pool, you relax and open your book.

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