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T-Shirts and tops for girls by Esprit

Even the little ones want to have a say when it comes to choosing clothes. Our great selection of children’s shirts with cheeky prints, playful blouses for girls or comfy T-shirts make getting up in the morning a fun time. A child’s wardrobe should contain only comfortable and fun clothes to wear – so that the exciting adventures of the day can be mastered in comfort.

For all occasions and games: children’s T-shirts and blouses for girls by Esprit

Your daughter is turning six years old in a week’s time. Naturally, she doesn’t want to talk about anything else – with sparkling eyes and a big smile on her face she holds a full hand plus a thumb in to anybody’s face – whether they asked her or not. Today, it’s finally the day you want to plan the birthday party with her. Phone list, pen and notebook in hand, you sit down together at the kitchen table. You smile as you watch your daughter, who is dressed in a pink long-sleeve polo shirt, inviting her friends in an excited voice. The following morning you and your daughter are drawing the gifts she is wishing for. For her young years, your daughter demonstrates great sense of fashion. On the list of stuffed animals, dolls and toys, she has also included a T-shirt with a unicorn print. In the afternoon the two of you go shopping – you take your daughter, who is sparkling in a sequin-embroidered shirt, by the hand and walk through the food aisles. Amazingly, your daughter, at her young age, knows exactly what she wants as refreshments for her guests – of course paper plates and napkins must not be forgotten. Two days before the birthday party you want to prepare party bags for the little guests. You spread all the sweets out on the dining table: chocolate bars, gummi bears, caramel sweets. In her striped long-sleeve T-shirt, your daughter first neatly sorts all the goodies; then she designs a sample bag to her liking – and in the end she has even prepared one for her mum and dad.

T-shirts are worn all year round – with lots of fun and movement

It’s only one more day until the birthday party. Everything has been prepared: the presents are wrapped and all the birthday guests have confirmed. What’s still missing? The birthday cake! With your daughter on your lap, dressed in her glitter jersey shirt, you are sitting on the sofa paging through a baking book. Your daughter fancies all the cakes – she points to nearly every single picture. Once you’ve gone through the book, it’s hard to make a decision. After some concentrated thinking, she decides on a chocolate strawberry cream cake, the perfect combination of her two favourite ingredients. In the evening, your little girl, in her cosy dark red jersey shirt, can’t get into bed quick enough – time will go by much faster while sleeping and the big day will finally arrive. It’s the morning of her birthday. You got up a little earlier today and are busy preparing the cake. When you hear the first sounds of your daughter getting up from the kids' room, you gently knock on the door to congratulate her. Your daughter has just woken up and hastily rubs her eyes. With dishevelled hair, she jumps straight from the bed into your open arms. After opening her presents, she decides to wear a playful ruffle blouse and blue denim jeans as her birthday outfit. The birthday cake is also ready now – and it looks fabulous. You have just finished the preparations for a successful birthday party, when the first guest rings the door bell. Instead of her new toys, your daughter, beaming with joy, holds a full hand and a thumb in front of the guest's face.

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