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Underwear and nightwear for girls by Esprit

Above all, underwear and nightwear for girls must be comfortable and cosy. Whether it’s a top with matching cotton stretch shorts or pyjamas made of fluffy flannel, sporty cuts and high-quality materials must allow for lots of freedom of movement and great wearing comfort. It is equally important that our girls love their underwear and nightwear and feel good in it. A glitter print nightie, a fluffy terry cloth robe or colourful striped shorts and tops in our children’s wardrobes guarantee variety and fun from the early morning to the evening.

Versatile and comfortable: underwear and nightwear for children

Life is never boring with your two little girls. Early in the morning, both of them jump into your bed, dressed in their fluffy jersey pyjamas. After a joyous welcome and some cuddling, things normally get a little bit quiet again – until the alarm clock goes off. Then it’s over with peace and quiet and it’s time to get out of pyjamas and into fresh underwear. Of course both of them also want to have their say: shorts and a top in a trendy Ajour pattern or briefs and a top with cute bows?

No pyjama party without the right nightwear for girls

This Friday presents a whole new challenge for you: your older daughter has invited her friends round for a pyjama party. You fondly remember your own pyjama parties and will of course take on the challenge. Your daughter is allowed to choose three of her girlfriends and, including your own daughters, there will be five girls in total. Of course, your youngest one is also very excited and keen on the idea and won’t miss the fun for the world. There’s a lot going on at your house on Friday afternoon: the living room furniture is being moved as far to the side as possible, mattresses are being placed on the floor, all the pillows and cosy blankets you own are being gathered and spread out. Yesterday, you already baked delicious muffins and sausage rolls with your daughter, so you don’t have to worry about food for tonight. Soon everything is sorted out – except for the outfits. Your older daughter would prefer to wear her favourite nightie with the glitter star print instead of her warm cotton pyjamas. After a brief discussion, you agree under the condition that she wears warm leggings under her nightie. Now your younger daughter also insists on wearing her all-over print nightie. Luckily, you are quickly able to convince her that her fantastic new pyjamas with ruffles are equally chic. Now the guests can come! A few hours later, you happily close the living-room door with the five little party girls inside, who by now are quite tired from all the excitement. After finishing their delicious evening snacks, wrapped up in blankets in their cosy pyjamas and nighties, they have turned off the lights and are telling each other stories in the light of their torches.

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