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Children’s shoes by Esprit

The perfect fit is very important when it comes to children’s shoes, as they are sure to go on lots of adventures. Whatever the weather – casual trainers for boys, stylish ballerina shoes for girls or sturdy wellington boots are essential for spending exciting afternoons outdoors. Thanks to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, children’s shoes by Esprit ensure our kids are comfortable and have lots of fun in any weather.

Children’s shoes that defy any weather

Finally, it’s Friday. You and your family have been looking forward to the weekend for days – especially your two children. Your son will play his first football match on Saturday, and on Sunday your daughter will perform in a little musical with her class. When you pick the two of them up from school, they excitedly tell you about their preparations. While your son is practising goal kicks in his casual sneaker booties, your daughter is jumping around in her dark brown fleece booties, excited about her upcoming performance. Neither of them can wait to show you what they have learnt in the past few weeks. At home, your daughter changes into her ballerina slippers and starts practising her dance moves. Your son has made himself comfortable in his blue denim slippers and is studying the weekend's sports reports. During lunch, he changes his mind about who his favourite football idol is virtually every second – and your daughter is imitating the child actors from her favourite TV shows. In the afternoon, two children who live next door knock on your door and ask your kids to come out to play on the nearby playground. Soon after the children have run out of the house in their trainers, it starts to rain – just a few drops at first, but few minutes later the rain is coming down heavily and pounding on the kitchen window. Your children come back home to change their clothes: dressed in rain jackets and sturdy wellington boots they jump in every puddle they can find. In the evening, the whole family is comfortably sitting around the living-room table. Your son is proudly telling his dad about his first sports achievements and your daughter, dressed in a white jersey shirt, leggings and pink canvas slippers, is sitting on your lap. Of course, she is very excited – but thanks to your encouragement and hugs, her stage fright swiftly subsides.

Children’s shoes for the small and big adventures of everyday life

The next morning, your son, who has dressed himself in his football jersey with matching trousers, is already sitting at the breakfast table waiting for the family. He has even put on shin guards and football socks – now all that's missing is his football shoes. After a large portion of cornflakes with bananas and a refreshing sip of orange juice, he is ready for the match. Your son is assigned as a striker – however, the young team doesn’t really pay too much attention to their positions during the match: they seem to all chase the ball together. Your daughter is nearly as active on the sidelines as your son is on the playing field. In her lined suede boots, she is jumping up and down and cheering her brother from the top of her voice. In the end, your son’s team wins by one goal. After the final whistle, you enthusiastically applaud your son. Exhausted, but with a wide winner’s smile on his face, he comes running to you. The next day, it’s his sister’s big day. In chic ballerina shoes and hand-sewn costumes, the children’s group performs a lively musical. Your daughter knows her lines well and is very confident – when the final curtain falls after an hour, the group receives a standing ovation. Before your daughter walks off the stage, she gives you a wave, beaming with joy. Needless to say that when you put your children to bed in the evening, they only talk about two things: the football match and the musical performance.

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