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Socks & tights for children by Esprit

Our children are curious about the world – they love to try out, touch and above all, play with new things. To make sure that they don't lose their grip when they are romping around, running or exploring, their feet must be well protected. Colourful striped socks with rubber soles, warm knee-high socks in different patterns or cosy tights – socks and tights for children by Esprit ensure safety and comfort during all kinds of activities.

Socks and tights for children – to match any outfit

Your two children have been looking forward to tomorrow’s outing to the zoo for days. Together, you play with figurines and re-enact different zoo scenarios: the cleaning of the monkey enclosure, adventurous head-diving penguins or brave feeding of the big cats. Romping around the flat and imitating zoo animals proves to be the most fun. Your son, in his printed shirt, dark blue jeans and striped socks loves to play an elephant, whereas your daughter, in her pink jersey shirt and striped tights stalks around the living room like a flamingo. When your husband arrives home, he joins the fun and plays a hungry lion. Your children laugh and escape into the kitchen to hide. The next day, the adventure can finally begin. Your children can’t wait to leave and are waiting for you in the kitchen with two bowls of cornflakes. Both have dressed up as their favourite animals. You son has opted for a blue jeans shirt and blue knee-high socks with a diamond pattern, and your daughter has chosen a pink cardigan with polka dot trainer socks. After breakfast, the four of you wonder what elephants like to eat. You quickly pack some fruit and the remaining bread rolls for the visit to the elephant enclosure. Once you have arrived at the zoo, your children can’t decide where they would like to go first – to the huge giraffes, the strong gorillas or rather to the grunting pot-belly pigs?

Socks and tights: relaxed designs and comfortable fit

After a two hour long tour of the zoo, past all the animals from virtually all continents and climate zones, you finally arrive at the elephant enclosure. Your son smiles like a Cheshire cat at the sight of the clumsy elephants – not in his wildest dreams had he imagined that his favourite animal was so huge. You laugh as you watch him slowly approaching the smaller cow elephant to feed it an apple. To his amazement, the trunk is long enough to reach his hand, holding the red apple, across the trench. Back at home, your children want to know everything about the zoo animals: How heavy are elephants? How deep can penguins dive? Can flamingos fly at all? After a shower, dressed in star-printed socks and pyjamas, you put your children to bed. The next morning, you fetch your son from kindergarten; he is dressed in a pea-style coat, corduroy trousers and winter socks. If he could, he would open his backpack on the spot to show you the elephant paintings he painted today. His big sister, who comes home from school an hour later, dressed in a down jacket, casual corduroy skirt and colourful tights, has lots to report. She has taken on a Social Studies project about African animals – and your son immediately offers his support.

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