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Men's watches from Esprit

We don't wear our watches like the rest of our clothing – instead we wear them as daily companions to all of our outfits. We don't wear them as jewellery – our watches are highly functional chronometers and an integral part of our personalities. Whether it's a traditional stainless steel chronometer or a sporty, colourful watch with a plastic strap – every man needs a watch that perfectly complements his sense of style and his individuality. Men's watches from Esprit combine high levels of quality with eye-catching designs that still feel great on our wrists after many years. Your best mate is getting married next week and of course it's up to you to organise the stag night. Anything but the traditional pub crawl! You feel challenged to surprise him with something special. Together with a carpenter acquaintance you design a beautiful wooden pavilion that the pair of you intend to set up in the couple's garden for the stag party. On the agreed morning you and three other friends surprise your mate at the door – you've brought timber and tools as well as fresh coffee and a huge breakfast. It's a lovely sunny day – time to get building!

Reliable every second and a daily part of your personality

As the leader of the unusual stag event you dish out the tools and assign various tasks and go through the construction plan step-by-step before everyone launches into the task with gusto. You enjoy the shared work and the pungent smells from the garden and the wood; it's the perfect antidote to a long week in the office. These are your two different sides; it's this contrast that makes your life exciting. Your watch too unites these contrasting aspects. The eye-catching stainless steel chronometer with its stylish black dial you always wear on your wrist is a classic with a modern twist, completely reliable but never boring. You've known your best mate since kindergarten and he's always been up for anything. It was him you went on your first holiday with, and shared your first flat with and did your first parachute jump with. Whether he's in the office or, like now, finds himself sawing planks of wood, he always wears his satin-finished stainless steel watch with its leather strap; manly but discreet, durable and just as reliable as your mate himself. Your mutual school friend who is in the process of working on the base of the pavilion is passionate about water sports. He swims, dives and, whenever there's enough time, takes part in long-distance sailing events. His extremely lightweight and flexible watch of soft plastic with hardened mineral glass is tailor-made for him. Sporty, individual and quirky, it's the ideal companion for everyday life and any challenge.

Men's watches – made by Esprit: individual design and quality

The fourth member of the group, a work colleague from your mate's agency days is just applying the final glaze to the timber posts before putting them all together. He is a gifted graphic artist with a passion for comics and cartoons, who spends his free time creating new comic characters. His own special present was to immortalise the upcoming wedding and marriage in a unique comic strip story. His simple, masculine watch of stainless steel with its coloured plastic strap adds a special touch and sets off his eye-catching outfits to a tee at the same time as providing a stylish, courageous contrast to basic styles. The bachelor building team is completed by a long-time friend who recently opened a small gallery for contemporary art. In terms of its overall shape his watch, a high-quality, angular gentleman's watch of stainless steel is simple but quirky. Stylish and high-precision it is a special piece that perfectly reflects his own personal style. Regardless of how different your characters and biographies are - as long-time friends you work together to create something that will become a part of your shared history and that will remain special to you for many years to come. Valuing the special things in life – one of the reasons for men's watches from Esprit.

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