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Men's bags and wallets by Esprit

Functional and stylish accessories such as men's wallets and bags are essential in daily life. In addition to practical storage space wallets and above all men's bags can be combined in an infinite number of ways as items of fashion: a sporty shoulder bag and vintage-look wallet go great with jeans and T-shirt; a masculine business bag and black leather wallet are just right for the office, and a spacious shoulder bag can be thrown casually over the shoulder no matter what outfit you're wearing. All these variants have one thing in common: not only are they practical, they also serve to highlight our own personal style.

Uncompromisingly casual – bags for men

Today starts somewhat earlier than usual. After a relaxed breakfast with crispy toast and fruity jam you pick the outfit you want to wear for you first day in the new job. In a dark suit with a matching leather-look business bag you take a final self-confident look in the hall mirror before leaving the house. You're feeling great and above all you are full of anticipation as you walk through the revolving glass doors of your new office block. They're already expecting you. Having arrived in your new department you're quick to break the ice: your new colleagues even welcome you with a small bouquet of flowers. At lunch time one of your new colleagues extracts a menu from the Spanish restaurant next door from his beige shoulder bag, as your new colleagues have arranged a team lunch and this way you can already place your order in advance. You immediately warm to the atmosphere in the restaurant with its Mediterranean décor. Over mixed tapas and a lovely paella you all get chatting animatedly, and after the first few hours you're already pleasantly surprised by the great vibe within the team. You learn the ropes over the course of the day – you approach your new tasks with great concentration.

Men's bags and wallets are the perfect companion in everyday life

The first week just flies by. On the Tuesday you go to a gym in the city after work. You lift weights and jog on the running machine with the same energy you muster to face the challenges in your new job. Relaxed and fully at ease you stuff your training kit into your large messenger bag after two hours. On the Wednesday evening its time to take stock of your first few days in the new job. You meet up with your best friend at a trendy lounge bar. You get there a bit early and hang your eye-catching olive-green shoulder bag over the back of your chair after checking in your blazer at reception. Enthusiastically you tell your friend about the relaxed team atmosphere and your pretty full to-do list. To celebrate your new job your mate decides to pick up the tab and before you can protest he's already pulled out his leather wallet and paid. The next morning there's a meeting on the top floor of your new office block. Before it kicks off you stand outside on the roof terrace with a large glass of orange juice and enjoy the fantastic view. Completely satisfied you clamp your large men's bag under your arm and set off for the meeting. Finally it's the last day of the week. The prospect of the imminent weekend adds to the laid back atmosphere in the office. Just as you're putting your documents in your fashion bag that evening your boss invites the whole department out for a drink on the roof terrace. Your gaze drifts over the city lights and you're pleased with your first week in your new job – and you're looking forward to the coming days and weeks.

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