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Men's belts by Esprit

Men's belts are both eye-catching fashion items and functional accessories at the same time. Plain or quirky, stamped or with a special buckle, they ensure that your outfit sits right and give it the final touch at the same time. What more could we want? Robust leather belts, traditional buckled belts or trendy suede belts with a wide buckle can all be combined in any way you like adding that individual touch to every look. Casual with jeans and shirt or sophisticated in blazer and business trousers – men's belts are stylish and robust accessories that always do their job.

Variable, stylish, essential – belts for men

Friday: you start the last day of your working week with your usual sporting ritual. As you leave the house in a pair of used-look jeans and a wide brown leather belt just after seven you're met by glorious sunshine – and by your work colleague who's waiting for you in the car listening to music. You drive through the slowly awakening town and out into the countryside until you finally park up on the side of the road near to a small lake. The air smells of fresh greenery and is filled with the twittering of birds. The clear water is still cold and incredibly refreshing. With a steady stroke you swim across to the opposite shore chatting as you go about your plans for the weekend. You always race each other back across – this time you just manage to reach the bank slightly ahead. Afterwards you get changed for the office: blazer, grey business trousers and a smart leather belt with a narrow buckle.

You arrive at the office full of energy and in a great mood. It's a new work colleague's first day today and it's your job to show her round and introduce her to everyone in the team. You get on like a house on fire and between introducing her to people, answering her various questions and giving her directions you get chatting about everyday life. Before you know what's happened it's already lunchtime and you need to hurry to get to the Asian restaurant round the corner on time where you're meeting up with a good friend. He is already waiting for you at a table by the window dressed in slim-fit Chinos with an embossed belt and a sweat blazer. Grinning but without saying anything he slides his mobile phone across the table to show you a photo – he's got engaged. Over lunch he tells you about his unusual way of proposing that nearly ended up going wrong. During the half hour you spend together loads of his other friends and acquaintances ring up to congratulate him. One thing's for certain: this calls for a proper celebration this evening!

They make life simpler and our outfits complete: men's belts

Using all your powers of persuasion you manage to get the afternoon off so that you and two other friends can organise a surprise party in the couple's garden. Everyone gets stuck in and in a trice you've managed to decorate the garden and set up a large buffet. In a pair of five-pocket jeans, a robust smooth leather belt and a print shirt you're standing by with the others as your mate and his fiancée arrive home just as it's starting to get dark. The surprise works fantastically; your friend is overwhelmed and you celebrate boisterously until the wee hours of the morning. To return the favour your mate decides to invite you all over for a barbecue the following weekend. And where better than the lake where you like to swim? The following Sunday you all head over to lake together in a couple of cars. The quiet idyll of the little sandy beach, the aroma of charcoal and the home-made cocktails all contribute to a holiday feeling of pure relaxation. Dressed comfortably and casually in a V-neck shirt, bermudas and an eye-catching vintage-look belt you take the first stint at the barbecue. Just before the sun finally goes down you take the opportunity and plunge into the water to swim a few decent lengths – after all, the next time you race your mate you want to make sure your win is more decisive.

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