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Scarves by Esprit

Scarves are a completely necessary but wonderfully uncomplicated accessory. The choice of different styles, materials, colours and patterns makes it easy for us to find the right scarf for any outfit – or maybe difficult, because we can only choose one at a time! Robust knitted scarves for the winter, a stylish tube scarf that you wear all day long or a soft jersey wool scarf for casual and formal looks – it's all the same: scarves add an individual touch to our outfits whatever the season.

Triangle, loop or maxi scarf: loads of styles and always fashionable

The weekend is coming up – you quickly grab your woollen coat and the finely knitted scarf and leave the office. You're expecting a very special visitor this evening: you're meeting up with a good mate from your student days. Unlike you he quit his studies just before the final exams to become an artist. Since then he's become a well-known figure and will be exhibiting his works in one of the best galleries in your town over the next few weeks. It goes without saying that you want to meet up with him to refresh your old friendship after so many years and to hear all about his career to date. On the train on the way home you open up a newspaper and the first thing you see is your friend, unmistakeable in a pair of casual skinny jeans, a tight fit jumper and a large jersey loop scarf. The article is about the private viewing and the exhibition. You smile. Your mate has hardly changed a bit in all the years since you last saw him. After a shower and a huge plate of pasta at home you get changed for the reunion. You arrive at the trendy basement bar in the city centre dressed in a pair of vintage-look jeans, a leather jacket and stylish cotton tube scarf. Your mate is already waiting for you at one of the tables, his jacket over the back of his chair but with his lightweight, coloured woollen scarf still hanging loosely around his neck. You throw your arms round each other and after just a few words you feel as familiar as you ever did, just as if you were still sitting next to each other at some seminar or other. You still share the same sense of humour and your conversation soon dissolves into boisterous laughter and lively gesturing. As you part company late that night your friend lets you know that you're already on the guest list, both for the private viewing and for a private after show party – he expects you to be there.

Functional fashion must-haves for any season

After the late night your Saturday gets off to a calm and relaxed start. A long lie-in followed by the obligatory session at the gym after which you stroll down to the weekly market, still dressed in sweat pants, a cotton jerkin and a patterned woven scarf, to buy everything you need. In the late afternoon you get dressed for the private viewing. The gallery is in one of the best city centre locations and is internationally renowned, and you're looking forward to the exhibition. In accordance with the special occasion you opt for a slim fit blazer and a sophisticated, dark wool-mix scarf. As soon as you walk in the door your mate comes up to you with a grin on his face. The exhibition rooms are already well filled and you bump into acquaintances here and there and even get to have a quick natter with your friend in a quiet moment. You agree to share a taxi to the after-show party later on. The party is being held at the studio of one of his artist friends, a lavishly renovated floor of an old factory building. You carry on the celebrations among a select group and find an opportunity to chat to your mate about some of his artworks. He sits next to you on the huge couch dressed in a comfortable cotton shirt and a plain black scarf, happy about the great feedback from the guests and the successful evening. A small group of you remain sitting for a long while as your friend talks about his work. The next morning you drive him to the station to say goodbye to him. It was a great reunion – just like the old days. He stands in front of you in his cabin coat, a rib-knit woollen scarf around his neck, then he digs about in one of the folders in his holdall for a while and pulls out a marvellous little sketch that he pushes into your hand – as a parting gift and as a pledge for you to come for a visit in the near future.

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