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Socks for men by Esprit

Socks are an essential part of our daily wardrobe. Whether discreet black fine knit socks with an elegant suit, or warm wool socks for a robust leisure look – socks are often the decisive fine detail of a stylish outfit. High quality materials such as fine cotton or warm wool ensure great durability and a high level of comfort for all types of activities. Trainer socks with a short leg are perfect for all our sports activities and colourful striped socks or fine knit socks in a chequer pattern add stylish accents to suit our taste. Socks by Esprit are more than an everyday basics in our wardrobe, thanks to the huge range of trendy colours and appealing patterns.

Versatile and always in action: men’s socks

Today, you arrive at home from work feeling content and happy. You were able to successfully complete an important project, which you had been working on hard and fully committed for weeks. You take off your leather shoes in the hallway and walk to the bedroom in your socks that match your pinstripe suit. Quickly, you change from your elegant business suit into casual sweat trousers and a T-shirt; then you put on your running shoes over your sporty cotton blend socks and head off to the park. When you arrive, you run towards the sun that is already starting to set. You enjoy the silence and feel your body letting go of the stresses of the week. When you arrive back at your flat you feel a lot calmer and more relaxed. Running always clears your head, inspires you to new ideas and re-energises you. After a refreshing shower you are just about to get comfortable with a book on the sofa, dressed in your fluffy terry bathrobe and warm wool socks, when the phone rings. Your best friend is on the phone; he and a few of your mates are on the way to the launch party of a new bar, and he asks you if you want to join them. As you haven’t had the time or the desire to go out in the last few weeks because of the project you finished today, you don’t have to think too long and spontaneously agree. The comfortable sofa and the good book need to wait a little longer.

Details make the difference – socks for men

A little later you are dressed in your slim-cut chino trousers, a chequer shirt and a blazer, and on your way to the arranged meeting place. While walking, you look down: with each step, your chequered fine knit socks can be seen for a brief moment, between the seams of your trousers and your shoes. They match the chequer pattern of your shirt perfectly. You love small details like this, especially when they look natural and not too intentional. You are in a good mood and meet your cheerful friends outside the bar. One of your friends knows the owner of the bar so you are on the guest list and get in quickly. The bar is very stylish, with clear lines and colours, without looking too chic or stiff. The DJ plays the right music and a great fun atmosphere quickly develops. You and your friends look for a seat at the bar and you are glad that you didn’t stay at home on the sofa after all.

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