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Ties by Esprit

Ties are the traditional accessory for every kind of formal look and yet they are far from being one-trick ponies. Different styles, designs and materials can transform a tie into an eye-catching and individual item of clothing. Our absolute favourites are high-quality silk ties, that add a dash of masculine elegance to every blazer or business suit: understated and monochrome or extravagantly patterned, all depending on what best suits our outfit in light of the specific occasion. Special occasions on the other hand require special ties with trendy patterns or made of unusual materials like denim or linen. Novelty is permitted – a face lift for the traditional tie.

Quality silk meets masculine design – the perfect mix for eye-catching ties

For several years now one of your oldest friends has been running his own successful restaurant. You've been supporting him with the management right from the start, initially as a courtesy between friends but these days as a full-time job. After having discovered an empty factory building at the edge of the trendiest night life district following a meeting in the neighbouring town, your friend has decided to open a new branch of his restaurant before the end of the year. One foggy day you both set out together to have a proper look at the property. In accordance with the seriousness of the occasion you're both formally dressed. Your mate is wearing a dark pure-new-wool blazer with a finely patterned silk-mix tie whilst you've opted for a monochrome silk tie as a colour contrast to your waisted black blazer. You meet the estate agent on site as well as an architect friend of yours who already acted as a consultant to your friend for the conversion of his first restaurant. The imposing old brick building looks a bit forlorn in the dreary weather. But as soon as you walk through the large steel door that leads into the main corridor you can see the building's potential. Expansive skylights bathe the cavernous building, which is divided into two floors by a gallery that circles the entire space, in natural light. Even the young architect is inspired. Disregarding the fact that he is wearing a high-quality cashmere V-neck jumper and a narrow striped tie he makes his way up an old fire escape, opens a rusty door and checks the integrity of the building whilst calling his initial idea down to you.

Understated but never plain – formal without being boring

Your friend wastes no time – following the site visit you all join the estate agent for lunch to discuss the details. The offer is already in, planning approval to covert the place into a restaurant is already in place and the estate agent promises to have the contracts drawn up as soon as possible. At the same time the architect asks for copies of all the existing floor plans and blueprints so that he can present you with his conversion proposal as soon as possible. That evening, completely satisfied, your heads full of new ideas for the new outlet, you sit together for ages at a little corner table of your friend's restaurant sharing a bottle of excellent wine and making plans. Just over two weeks later all the contracts have been signed and you and your mate have arranged a second meeting with the architect. This time you're more excited than you were before you went to view the property for the first time. Dressed in Chinos, a light coloured shirt and a wide, understated striped tie you're just sitting on the edge of the desk in the back room of the restaurant when there's a knock at the door. The architect walks in wearing a light grey blazer and a checked silk tie and starts explaining his initial design ideas with the pair of you without further ado. It's clear that he's just as inspired by the project as you are. In spite of radically different starting points he's managed to incorporate the individual character of the first restaurant in his design for the new outlet. Your friend makes a few suggestions and bores down into the detail. Three hours later you've discussed all the changes required – three weeks later you're wishing your mate good luck as he sets off one morning in his dark grey business suit and his finely textured silk tie to see his bank advisor to finalise the construction finance. You happily watch as he disappears down the road. In your mind's eye you can already see the opening day and you imagine yourself welcoming the first excited guests dressed perhaps in a snow white shirt, a posh waistcoat and a quirky silk tie.

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