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Men’s jewellery by Esprit

Above all, men’s jewellery must suit us: a leather chain with a bold pendant or a robust stainless steel bracelet set stylish accents to suit our taste. Watches are the perfect combination of jewellery and functionality: a high-quality stainless steel watch with stopwatch and calendar in an appealing design or a men’s watch with an elegant wristband complement our individual style. In addition, all watches in Esprit’s Timewear range are water-resistant up to three, five or ten bars, and thus are ideal for our sports activities.

Precise and stylish: men’s watches

This morning, on your way to work, you keep looking at the black dial of your stainless steel watch. You don’t want to be late today, as you have scheduled an important meeting with a customer, who is known for his high demands. You arrive in time and are able to run through everything again in your head. The documents are in your briefcase and you are familiar with all the facts and arguments. So there's nothing to worry about. You quickly check your outfit in the mirror: the dark grey suit fits perfectly, the black leather shoes are polished and your stainless steel ring shines – your reliable watch tells you that you only have a few minutes until the meeting. You take a deep breath and optimistically make your way to the meeting room. The meeting is more difficult than you expected, but you are sure of your strategy. Even when the customer demonstratively looks at his big stainless steel watch after an hour, you don’t let it unsettle you. Soon after, you leave the conference room satisfied: despite all doubts and reservations, you convinced the customer of your arguments.

It's the details that count – men’s jewellery

This evening, you are in high spirits when changing from your suit into slim-cut jeans and a casual V-neck shirt. The leather chain with the stainless steel pendant, which was not visible under your shirt collar earlier, can now be seen and it looks great. You put on a steel link chain bracelet and a black leisure watch in retro style to complement the chain. Now you are ready to celebrate today’s success with your best friends. The next morning, following a fun evening, you are determined not to skip your exercise routine despite your hangover. As it’s raining, you decide to go swimming. You first remove the chain, the bracelet and the ring. Instead, you put on a sporty stainless steel watch with a dark blue dial. The watch is water-resistant up to 10 bars. You activate the inbuilt stopwatch when swimming your lengths. You have to smile when you think about yesterday’s meeting, which you mastered brilliantly thanks to precise timing and good arguments.

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