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Men's jackets by Esprit

For a long time now jackets have been much more than simple functional pieces of clothing. Of course they are still great for rain, wind and cold weather, when running, enjoying your leisure time or on the way to the office. But over and above this men's jackets and coats have become an important part of our outfits in a stylish way. Whether it's a robust duffel coat, a warm down-lined parka or a sporty cotton jerkin, in the new range of men's jackets we look good in every season – and always in a way that fits exactly with our own unique style.

Eye-catching, sporty or traditional – coats and jackets for every fashion mood

It's springtime and time for a change: you're moving to a new town ready for a top position in a small, highly respected agency. All of a sudden there's no time to lose. You need to renovate your flat, move to a new one – and already you're on your way for your first day in your new job. It's a dreary, rainy day, but it can't affect you in your understated, narrow-cut cashmere overcoat – and it certainly can't affect your energetic up-and-at-'em mood. Anyway as soon as you walk into your new office your thoughts are completely absorbed by your new tasks. You're looking forward to the challenges of the coming week. Getting to know your new colleagues, coordinating projects, exploring the new town and the neighbourhood you live in – the next few weeks fly by. As the days start getting longer you've already settled in. You've got an important project up and running, you've finished furnishing your flat and a couple of your new colleagues want to introduce you to their favourite bar in the town centre one evening. Along with jeans and boots you don a casual-looking, biker-style leather jacket; relaxed but still weatherproof and warm enough for the still cool early summer evenings. Slowly the weather starts warming up and already you feel completely at home. In the first few weeks you've already discovered an expansive park just round the corner from your flat; ideal for lonely morning runs and for a friendly game of football after work. After completely exhausting your energies for several hours with a few friends you sit together for a while and observe the comings and goings in the park as the dusk begins to settle. Your lightweight, wax-coated cotton jacket is sporty enough for the occasion but still keeps you lovely and warm as the night draws in.

Jackets, tailor-made for our outfit and personality

Now your old friends are starting to drop in for a visit: they all want to see how you're doing and see your new home in summer. Days at the lake, trips to the surrounding areas, shopping and sightseeing in the town – the whole thing feels like a holiday. You're out and about with a good friend in the part of town where it's all happening; you poke about in various small shops and bump into various work colleagues and acquaintances. It looks like it'll be a lovely evening – perfect weather for the open-air cinema in the nearby park. Summery and relaxed in a leather-look jerkin or a soft lamb-skin jacket you head off into the twilight armed with a bottle of wine and a blanket. In the balmy air you enjoy an old classic film in an unforgettable atmosphere. The summer goes by much too quickly but the autumn imbues the town with its own particular charm. In a lined military-look park and woolly cap you take long, lonely walks through the autumnal woods enjoying the fresh wind and the luminous colours. You suck in the fresh air and gather your energies for your extremely demanding job. In the mornings it's windy and still nearly dark when you set off on your walk to the office in your warm, stylish duffel coat. The short walk wakes you up and you reach the office fresh and feeling great.

As the first snow starts to fall you get reinforcements from home. An old work colleague has moved into the same town and takes a flat not far from yours. In glorious winter sunshine you turn up on the weekend in jeans and a quilted, warmly lined sweat hoodie to help him move in. With many helping hands the furniture is swiftly transported upstairs and all the boxes are where they should be. By dusk it's all finished. You agree to meet up an hour later at the Italian a couple of streets further on; your insider tip and the best place to celebrate his new start. A quick shower and change and you head out into the cold winter evening in your thickly lined canvas winter coat or a down-filled parka with hood. There's a long winter ahead – but you're up for anything.

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