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Men's knitwear and sweaters from Esprit

No wardrobe is complete without knitted jumpers and sweatshirts; they are absolutely essential no matter what the day has in store. At work, at home or on the road, casual sweaters and knitted jumpers are always the right choice. Whether it's a plain, sporty cotton jumper or a high-quality knitted jumper of merino or cashmere wool; whether with a V-neck, zip or turtleneck – men's sweaters and knitwear always have one thing in common: they feel good and make us look great in a simple, relaxed way. Everyday a different look, but always exactly the way it suits us.

Versatile, comfortable and as laid back as we are

As you shut the office door behind you late on Friday evening you're looking forward to a quiet and relaxed weekend. The first thing you do when you get home is to kick off your shoes, pull the slim-line V-necked jumper over your head, and you're just about to jump in the shower as the phone rings. It's one of your closest friends; he's planning a sailing trip with his brother this weekend. They need to move the boat to another marina and your friend invites you to come along for the ride. You haven't sailed very often but the prospect of spending two days out at sea just enjoying the tranquillity and the salt air is certainly appealing – it'll be a nice change after your exhausting week.

You arrive at the marina early next morning dressed in jeans and a warm rough-knit zip hoodie, carrying a small bag over your should and cast about in the twilight trying to find the right mooring. You hear someone calling off to the left and seconds later your mate is coming towards you waving in the semi-darkness. Protected from the cool morning air by a dark cotton seaman's top and a woollen beanie he jumps down from the prow of a beautiful yacht and welcomes you in a great mood. A second later his brother's head appears from behind the foredeck. He smiles broadly and invites you come aboard so that he can cast off. You throw your bag on deck and climb up the short ladder to the railing. Your mate undoes the thick mooring lines that connect the boat to the jetty while his brother starts the engine. As you chug by the narrow harbour entry the rising sun is already bathing the sky in a deep pink and orange glow. No sooner have you reached the high sea as his brother cuts the engine and you and your mate start unfurling and setting the sail. He quickly explains what the various sails are for and what you need to watch. The sails soon fill in the gentle morning breeze and the little yacht glides forwards with hardly a sound. Your mate's brother gives you a smile of approval then rolls up the sleeves of his finely knitted turtle-neck jumper and disappears into the cabin to make coffee.

Men's knitwear and sweaters – stylish clothing for every day

It's a marvellous day, so clear that you keep catching glimpses of the coast along which you're sailing. You spend the entire day at sea because you want to reach one of the smaller marinas further along the coast where you'll be spending the night. The sun is already low in the sky by the time you finally enter the marina. Despite the calm, relaxed weather you still feel almost knocked out by the fresh sea air and the unfamiliar exertion of setting and hauling in the sails. You take the unanimous decision to look for a restaurant for dinner – none of you is in the mood for cooking. You quickly get changed and, dressed in a pair of light coloured Chinos and a knitted jumper of merino wool, climb down from the deck to the pier where your friend's brother is already waiting. A couple of seconds later your mate reappears in a pair of 5-pocket jeans and a two-tone cotton jumper. You walk to the centre of the little town. That night you sleep like a log in the narrow cabin of the gently rocking boat. The second leg of the jaunt is shorter than the first so there's plenty of time for a long lie-in on the Sunday morning. When you finally clamber on deck dressed in jeans and a finely knitted hoodie but still a bit sleepy you're greeted by glorious sunshine. The others are nowhere to be seen. You decide to make coffee and get everything ready for breakfast as your friend climbs over the railing whistling happily. He's hung his lightweight, hooped cotton jumper over his shoulders and is holding a bag of fresh bread rolls in his hand. As the three of you sit on deck in the bright sun a short while later enjoying the aromatic coffee and gazing over at the distant clear horizon, it's hard to imagine that you'll be sleeping back in your own bed at home later that evening.

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