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Men's shirts from Esprit

There's nothing as basic and simultaneously as eye-catching as a traditional men's shirt. There surely can't be many other things that make us look good in such a simple way whilst at the same time feeling so naturally good. The variety of stylish shirts gives us the perfect outfit for every occasion: whether it's a casual button down shirt with light coloured Chinos, a checked shirt with used jeans and sneakers, or a slim line cotton shirt with business trousers – anything is possible over and over again. Your personal favourite style, the optimum fit, long-sleeved or short, starched collar or breast pocket; you alone decide what suits you best. All these options and lots more make men's shirts a must-have fashion item – in all variants from trendy to formal.

Shirts – smart casual business style and laid back everyday look

The New York skyline takes your breath away. Especially on this clear autumn afternoon on which Central Park stands out from the sea of grey buildings like a huge splash of paint. Still in your business suit, in a light blue shirt and smart new wool blazer you're standing on the viewing platform of the Empire State Building enjoying the incredible view. You've spent the last week in the city on business and now, just before you head back home, you've treated yourself to this special moment just to celebrate the successful negotiations. It's your penultimate day in New York; this evening there's a final meal scheduled with the representative of your American partner company. Dressed in smart casual style in a slim line two-tone shirt and a pair of black business trousers you're sitting in a trendy fish restaurant on the Upper East Side, just taking your first little bite of grilled swordfish and chatting about the final few business details in the relaxed, stylish atmosphere of the newly opened venue. Your business partner is just as satisfied with the results of the collaboration as you are. Once all the necessary detail has been worked out he invites you on the spur of the moment to go with him and his son to a New York Giants game tomorrow afternoon. American football in the best seats in the stadium – you won't get another chance like this in a hurry. Using everything available to him on the square wooden table your colleague gives you a quick overview of the most important rules of the game, before you say goodbye. As you sit in the riotous stadium the next day, dressed in a casual striped shirt and Chinos, you start to notice that his short lesson in tactics has worked. Enthralled you watch the crashing tackles and sophisticated pass plays whilst your companions keep giving you additional bits of information about the rules and the various moves as they unfold. When the final decisive touchdown is made just seconds before the final whistle, you leap up with your arms in the air along with everyone else. It's late in the afternoon by the time your business partner drops you off outside your hotel with a firm handshake and greetings from his other colleagues. Back in your room you take the time for a shower and take a stroll around the streets of this lively district dressed in a dark stretch shirt and slim fit jeans. This evening you keep walking around the city until it's completely dark and the countless lights and neon signs combine with the never-ending traffic noise to form the typical New York backdrop.

Robust, casual, cool – men's shirts go with any style

It's your last morning in the Big Apple. You start it off with a long walk through Battery Park. Casually dressed in a soft flannel shirt, a zip-up hoodie and dark denim jeans you breathe in the cool clear air and take a last look at the Statue of Liberty, then it's time to pack your things. You're almost ready to leave and are just standing in the lobby in a laid back, stay-press cotton shirt and stretch trousers when you suddenly get a text message with a photo of a typical New York hot dog stand. Your business partner is just a few streets away and is telling you should try one of the legendary hot dogs from this particular stand. With your travel bags in your hand you race through a small park and reach your destination in no time. Within a few seconds you've got a traditional hot dog in your hand – and it really was worth trying this speciality. In the taxi en route to the airport a short time later you think back over the unusual week and are already looking forward to your next visit.

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