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Men's suits by Esprit

Suits and blazers are the uncontested classics when it comes to formal outfits for the office and for special occasions. But who says that the classics shouldn't get a facelift every now and then? Made of corduroy or in knitted look, casually styled or in combination with cardigan, jeans or Chinos, men's blazers become a must-have item for a comfortable casual style with a personal touch. It's time to give our business suits a bit of a change – with high-quality gentlemen's suits and blazers that fit perfectly and that can be combined with a never-ending range of accessories. Formal wear, designed for us alone.

Formal styles with the casual touch: business wear as we would like it to be

It's an early start on Monday. After a quick trip to the gym you head straight to work. There's a two-day business trip to Berlin planned for the end of the week and there's a huge amount to prepare. Wearing an understated slim-fit wool-blend suit and a delicately striped cotton shirt you sit together in a small team collaborating on your presentation and planning the week ahead. At dinner with two colleagues at the Thai restaurant round the corner the start of the week comes to a close. There's not much time on Tuesday to give your presentation the final lick of polish. The majority of your day is scheduled for off-site meetings to discuss a new project with a client. You arrive at the client's office in a dark, pure wool blend waisted blazer with a pair of regular fit suit trousers and spend the rest of the day in detailed briefings and project planning sessions. But there's still time for a quick phone call with your best mate at lunch time: he's having a birthday bash at your favourite bar this evening. A classy jazz bar, a special occasion – the perfect atmosphere for smart casual style. In a light coloured college-style blazer and dark denim jeans and boots you spend a long evening with live music and lots of laughs.

Denim, corduroy and knitted: blazers for men in a modern casual look

Wednesday is the day for the final preparations. No client meetings – today you start your working day nice and relaxed in a narrow cut cotton blazer, contrasted with a pair of coloured jeans. Together with your team you go through every detail of the final presentation one last time and discuss the exact schedule for the next two days in a telephone conference. Late that afternoon you check your flight and hotel reservations before heading out for a long jog round the park in the evening. You board the plane early on Thursday morning. At precisely 10:00 you and two of your colleagues are greeted in the offices of your new Berlin-based partners. To suit the official occasion you're wearing an understated pure wool blazer with a pair of dark, slim-fit suit trousers and traditional leather shoes. The whole high-quality combination sits lightly and comfortably even if this initial meeting takes all day. You finally check into your hotel late that afternoon. After a quick shower you set off again to meet up with an old girlfriend in the city centre, who's been living in Berlin for a long time. In vintage look with a narrow corduroy blazer over a V-neck jumper and cotton trousers you sit for a long time with your friend in a little restaurant exchanging all the gossip from the past few months. After getting to know each other and the initial meetings the day before, the Friday is taken up with an exchange of views in a series of really long constructive discussions. Traditional but still modern in a black suit with stretch comfort, you spend the entire day putting together a joint concept for your future collaboration. It's already evening by the time you and your colleagues finally take your leave, satisfied and full of new impressions. The next few weeks will involve a lot of changes – you're determined to make the best use possible of any chances that present themselves.

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