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Polo shirts by Esprit

The polo shirt is a tried and trusted part of every man's wardrobe – that's because it's sporty and stylish, can be combined in a million ways and last but not least, because it simply looks good. The traditional cut, varied in multiple ways and in the most diverse colours, makes the men's polo shirt a real all round talent, whether for sport, combined with a blazer or relaxing on the weekend. Nonchalant and basic in robust cotton, elegant and slim-fit for formal outfits or slightly shiny in fine jersey wool – polo shirts for men have multiple faces and can add something to every outfit.

Polo shirts for men: traditionally sporty and always a good fashion choice

It's pretty hard to get up on this particular Monday morning even though the sun is shining brightly in a gloriously blue sky – the weekend was much to short and you're already late. A quick shower is the minimum requirement after which you quickly throw a laid back blazer over a plain grey Piqué polo shirt and get going. Feeling slightly envious you glance at the people sitting drinking coffee in the street cafés or making their way home carrying a bag of fresh rolls. As you round the final street corner your colleague comes walking towards you. With his wool-mix jacket slung casually over his shoulder and sporting a cardigan and polo shirt with a contrasting collar he smiles at you and tells you that the entire upper floor of the office has been flooded as the result of a broken pipe. Deadlines or no deadlines, you've got the day off. You're still digesting the news when your telephone rings and your boss confirms what you've just heard: all meetings and deadlines have been postponed till the following day. All of sudden you're looking at the prospect of a day of leisure – what might you do? First of all you sit down with your colleague at one of the cafés, enjoy a cup of strong coffee and croissants as well as the sunshine and plan the remainder of the day.

Your best friend has to work today but who says that he doesn't deserve a bit of a change during his lunch break? After a leisurely breakfast you arrange to meet up with your colleague in the park in a few hours' time and then you take a stroll through the weekly market and head home with an arm full of groceries to pick up a few things. You'll have to hurry to get to your mate's office in time. In sneakers, sweat pants and a long-sleeved polo shirt, with a large sports bag over your shoulder and a football under your arm you wait for him downstairs on the street. He hardly has time to raise an eyebrow when he finally comes out of the office – you immediately bundle a pair of sweat pants and a sporty jersey polo shirt into his hands. Time for a game of football in the park followed by a picnic.

From casual to smart: one polo shirt, a hundred looks

Your work colleague is already waiting for you in a pair of shorts and a basic polo shirt under his zip hoodie when you reach the park. He's also brought a mate along so that both teams are complete. You spend the next three-quarters of an hour sprinting and shooting in the warm midday sun until you're all out of breath and have a stitch from laughing so much. You dig out your groceries from your sports bag: fresh baguettes, olives, sliced meats and cheese, as well as grapes and couple of large bottles of water. The four of you sit contentedly on the grass, take your time to enjoy the food and give yourselves a pat on the back for the successful lunch break. Your mate soon has to head back to the office and your colleague also takes his leave. You remain lying on the grass for a long while yet listening to the distant noises from the town, just letting your thoughts wander and enjoying having absolutely nothing to do for a change. Back home you take a long shower and get ready for the evening. A good friend of yours is spending a few days in town and rounded up all her old acquaintances for a get together at her old local. You think about what to wear: a traditional cotton polo shirt under a high-quality cashmere V-neck jumper? Or perhaps a laid back zip-up jacket over a slim fit jersey polo shirt? You smile involuntarily: no matter which look you opt for and what the evening has in store for you – today has been perfect so far.

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