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T-shirts by Esprit

T-shirts are the classic par excellence – a comfortable basic item and yet a long way from being boring. T-shirts, polo shirts and V-neck tops have been available in every style for ages and can be combined with loads of different outfits. A piqué polo shirt under a casual slim-fit blazer? A lightweight jersey shirt with button facing with a pair of used-look jeans? Or a tight T-shirt with Bermuda shorts? Men's shirts are tailor-made to be combined and varied, whereby they always retain their potential to become your favourite item of clothing. A classic with many sides – that's what makes men's shirts to a real must-have for all men.

Essentials and favourites – must-have shirts for men

It's a sunny Saturday morning as you set off for your weekend jog in the park in a white tank top and sweat pants. You jog along the sandy paths at a measured pace and run through a little copse. Your breathing is steady and you allow your thoughts to wander. Back home in the shower you decide to have breakfast in the nice little café not far from your flat. In a dark Henley shirt and cardigan you walk into the café and bump into your best friend. In a relaxed weekend look with a plain polo shirt and 5-pocket jeans he was just on his way to your place with a couple of cups of coffee with a specific proposal in mind: his parents own a little holiday home right on the seafront, which is empty this weekend. It's only a short drive and the weather forecast is great: how about a 2-day short break at the beach? Two hours later you're standing outside the front door packed and ready to go. A couple of T-shirts, shorts and Chinos, swimming stuff and two jumpers is about all you have as you hop into your friend's car. After an hour's drive you pull up outside a little old cottage; the salty sea air and the cries of seagulls hit you as soon as you open the car door. It really is just a few meters across the dunes till you find yourself on a long stretch of sandy beach looking out over the sea. The cloudless sky and softly lapping waves complement each other perfectly. You lie back in the warm sand in your light V-neck cotton shirt, watch the seagulls hitching a ride out to sea on the warm breeze and enjoy not thinking about anything at all for a while. You spend the whole afternoon outside, chatting with your mate about everyday things and letting your mind drift.

Masculine T-shirt styles from lightweight and sporty to traditionally smart

That night you sleep like a log and wake up full of energy. You're just pulling a loosely hanging jersey shirt over your head as your friend walks in dressed in Chinos and vintage-print T-shirt carrying a bag of fresh rolls. At breakfast you decide to visit the marine aquarium that's recently opened in the neighbouring town. You stroll slowly through the hazy blue walkways between the floor to ceiling glass walls, mesmerised by the incredible variety of sea life. Schools of fish shoot out from behind brightly coloured coral reefs, each completely different from the next; here and there a sea turtle glides silently and slowly through the semi-darkness. Eating lunch at a small seafood restaurant you're still fascinated by the impressions of the submarine world. The afternoon is going to involve a bit more movement: in a stripy T-shirt and bermudas you set off for a game of beach volleyball. You quickly find a few opponents on the beach and spend the next two hours or so darting through the sand battling over every single point. Later you take your leave from the other team, completely shattered but victorious. The sun is already low in the sky and it's getting a bit cooler by the time you finally get back in the car, dressed in a print shirt and a lightweight leather jacket, and start heading home. A great weekend – you wonder what the coming week has in store for you.

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