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Men's trousers by Esprit

When it comes to trousers all men have their own personal favourites hanging in their wardrobes – but that's no reason at all not to get to know and appreciate the huge variety of other great styles. For ages now men's trousers have been more than just functional or formal items of clothing; they are eye-catching fashion items that help form our personal style and in which we feel great any time. We love the hard-wearing, rugged charm of denim jeans, the simple elegance of well-tailored business slacks and the stylish nonchalance of Chinos: men's trousers, made to measure just for us.

Multiple styles from traditional to casual

For a year now you've been running your own little wine business in the heart of your district. With a lot of work and passion your individual shop concept has become a real meeting place. This Monday you're in the shop two hours earlier than usual to take receipt of a large consignment. In a pair of comfortable 5-pocket jeans and a V-neck jumper you check each item against the delivery note and quickly make room for it all in the back room that you use as a warehouse. You keep two new types of red wine in the front shop to display them for sale. The day goes by with the usual comings and goings; you give advice, make recommendations and chat with your regulars. After you finish work you quickly nip home to get changed, then you set off again to join a good friend who's invited you to dinner at her new flat. In a pair of dark cotton trousers and light striped shirt, and armed with a couple of bottles of the excellent new red wine, you finally ring the doorbell. On Tuesday it's pretty quiet in the shop and you take advantage of the opportunity to do some long overdue stocktaking. In a pair of robust slim-fit Chinos and a light finely knitted sweater you go through all the shelves and the whole of the storeroom, make a note of the stock levels and a list of things to be reordered. In the late afternoon you leave the shop in the hands of your assistant and walk the short distance to your flat for a quick shower – you're due to meet up with the owner of one of the cafés in the district. She organises regular readings and small concerts and wants to order some special wines from you for these events. Completely relaxed in a casual sweat blazer and a pair of trousers of lightweight cotton flannel you sit together at her little round office table, sample various wines and plan the delivery.

Put them on, feel great, look great: men's trousers for any occasion

There's loads to do on the Wednesday: there's a Spanish wine tasting event in the shop that evening, which includes a presentation about new ecologically friendly cultivation techniques. In a good mood and dressed in a pair of straight leg corduroy trousers and a simple monochrome shirt you arrive early at the shop and spend the day preparing for the event. You've included a few excellent organically certified wines in your last delivery that are suitable for the occasion. Shortly before you close the shop the owner of a small restaurant next door brings a few platters of tapas and bread round after which you welcome your first guests in a pair of casual wool-mix business trousers and a dark button-down shirt. It's an entertaining evening that a small group of you continue on long after the actual wine tasting. Luckily your assistant will be opening the shop on the Thursday morning – you've got a meeting with the estate agent who's helping you to locate suitable warehousing spaces. Your back room is slowly getting too small, particularly if you want to supply even more events and caterers. Dressed in a pair of smart black business trousers with a stretch waistband and a waisted blazer you enter the estate agent's office and chat about your needs and ideas over a cup of coffee. He advises you to lease some space in a large warehouse and promises to present you with a few concrete suggestions near to your location in the next couple of days. With such a promising outlook you spend the remainder of the day in your shop in a really great mood. Just as you're closing the door behind you that evening your best mate comes striding round the corner in sneakers, vintage style jeans and a zip hoodie to talk you into joining him for a couple of pints in the corner pub – your team's latest game will be on TV on the Big Match that evening. You only hesitate a couple of seconds – after all, there'll be plenty of time to rest on the weekend.

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