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Underwear and pyjamas by Esprit

Men's underwear and pyjamas are often undervalued. They need to be comfortable, well tailored and high quality. But who says that boxer shorts and underpants, long-sleeved tops and pyjama trousers can't be masculine and ultra-stylish? Whether classic or trendy, stripy cotton pyjamas or coloured briefs with stretch comfort, modern men's underwear and pyjamas can add any amount of diversity to our own personal styles. To feel good whilst looking good – no problem with casual underwear styles for men.

Traditional comfort, but never boring: pyjamas for men

You're planning a long overdue visit to your old school friend. Some time ago you applied for a job in the town where he lives and you've been invited to come in for an interview. You want to use the opportunity to meet up with your friend and to get to know the town where you might soon be living yourself. Your arrive by train one Tuesday evening and spot your friend waving on the platform. A quick but heartfelt hug, then you throw your travel bag over your shoulder and are all ready to head off to his flat. But your friend just smiles: the very first thing you absolutely have to do is to pop in to a trendy little bar where a good friend of his is appearing with her band that evening. It doesn't take much to persuade you – you celebrate your reunion with a drink and some great live music. It's already quite late by the time you arrive at your friend's flat. After tossing and turning on the sofa for a while you realise that you're much too excited to sleep – and you're hungry. In a plain white tank top and a pair of boxer shorts you sneak through to the kitchen trying not to wake your friend up. But just as you're quietly opening the fridge door your mate appears in the kitchen wearing a pair of jersey wool pyjamas and dishevelled hair. With a grin he wordlessly gets some pots and pans and various ingredients out the cupboards. Twenty minutes later you're sitting at the kitchen table munching your way through a plate of spaghetti with tomatoes, olives and basil and finally have a chance to chat in peace and quiet.

Comfortable and sporty in loads of different styles

Despite the late night you're up early the next morning. Dressed only in a pair of sporty cotton-lycra-mix boxer shorts you head for the bathroom where your mate just about slams the door in your face. He's just come out of the shower and slips a sloppy long-sleeved jersey over his head to complement his cotton stretch boxers. He's just pouring you a coffee as you come out of the shower completely refreshed. After breakfast you set off for the interview on foot. You're already able to see a bit of the town. The interview is extremely promising and the prospects are almost too good to be true. The team leader who interviews you is very interested in your career to date so that you end up chatting for a long time about your time spent overseas after the actual interview. After a brief tour of the offices and an initial introduction to the other members of the team you take your leave feeling pretty good. Your mate doesn't finish work for a good few hours yet. You take the opportunity to stroll about the different parts of the town to get an initial impression of your potential new home. You like what you see – lively streets, little shops, restaurants and cafés with a multicultural population.

You meet your mate outside his office and invite him to a steak house that you stumbled across during the course of the afternoon. Over a couple of excellent steaks served on huge plates you make your plans for the evening – it's already the last one before you leave for home. On the spur of the moment you decide to pop in to your friend's favourite pub just a few houses down from his place. The evening goes on even later than the previous one and it's already the middle of the night by the time you stumble back into his flat both laughing your heads off. Your train isn't leaving till the afternoon so there's time for your mate to show you another few highlights of the town in the morning. As the bright sunlight wakes you up you leap off the sofa in T-shirt and cotton boxer shorts feeling great and knock vigorously on your mate's bedroom door. There's no time to lose! From inside the bedroom you can hear grumbling and clattering and by the time your friend finally stumbles into the kitchen in a washed out shirt and cotton underpants the air is already full of the smell of fresh coffee.

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