Feel the lightness against your skin and enjoy the new season with all of your senses. It’s so easy with styles in super comfy organic cotton and sustainable linen. They are 100% organic, their production uses less water and they keep you cool in summer. We really love them! Do you feel the same?


A breath of fresh air

Brilliant white and nautical blue colours create an easy-going flair. Looks to relax, recharge and feel good, so that you can do more of the things that truly make you happy.

Anna Schürrle

The joy of positive living means doing more of what you love. As an entrepreneur, author and busy mum, Anna loves casual styles that offer flexibility and comfort.

Andres Velencoso

The joy of positive living means trusting your inner self. Andres is passionate about creativity and a balanced lifestyle. His clothes should be just as flexible as his lifestyle.

Inspired by the past, with a new (out)look for the future

#ReimagineLife looks back on 30 years of sustainability in the fashion industry. Inspired by our archives from the nineties, we are setting our course for the future with our usual positive attitude and welcoming a new era with modern cuts, innovative, sustainable materials and a particular focus on comfort. Discover styles that will make you feel good inside and out.

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Our iconic denim shirt has undergone a makeover and now makes for a stylish statement schacket.

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SS21_03_09_3431 (1)

Our iconic striped T-shirt has experienced a renaissance with a modern cut and sustainable, incredibly soft organic cotton. 

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Our iconic jumper has experienced a renaissance and is now crafted in breathable, lightweight linen which feels soft against the skin.