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Fall / Winter 2021 is about freedom and fresh perspectives. Finding peace in your mind and looking forward to the future. There’s hope. There’s joy. There’s positivity. Just look at that vast sky surrounding all of us. What counts is nature. Living in rhythm with the planet and approaching life in a positive way has been in our DNA since our conception in California back in 1968.

It began as a love story between two idealists, our founders Susie and Doug. The original and true pioneers of ethical and sustainable clothing way before it was a buzzword or a trend. It just felt so natural to us that we didn’t shout about it all that much. You might say we were born good.

Our collection is all about versatile styles, sustainable materials and the softest premium wool that feels good on your skin. High quality garments and multi-functional wardrobe choices. Mindfully designed and sourced responsibly. Styles to feel good and look good.

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Explore. Wander. Wonder. Take in the awe of the world. It’s a powerful attitude to wear.

Versatile, sustainable styles full of high hopes. We can’t wait to venture out.

It’s an attitude. It’s a feeling.
It’s a sense of wonder.

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Can you feel it, too? Tomorrow is our heritage. Let’s make it a bright blue one.