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Sportswear by Esprit

Sportswear has to live up to high expectations: it needs to look good and suit us well but above all it has to sit well and be functional. Whether it's a 10 km run through the woods or a relaxed game of badminton at the beach – exercise is a necessary part of life. Beautiful, lightweight sportswear in trendy colours and clever styles makes sport and action even better. Whether it's a casual pair of sweat pants or lightweight jersey capri pants, a functional running shirt or stretchy tank top for yoga, a breathable jacket or a comfortable zip hoodie – we want sportswear that keeps up with any pace and feels good no matter what.

Sportswear for women: as active as you are

You and your three friends are all looking forward to your first weekend away together for ages. Loads of time to chat and mess around, to relax and recuperate – but also to give vent to your urge for adventure and movement. The destination is a little village in the mountains that's in a great location but that hasn't yet become a target of mass tourism. The Romantic hut where you spend the night is higher up than the village itself and can only be reached via a narrow footpath. It's a strenuous climb through the drizzle carrying your baggage but, dressed in your lightweight water-repellent soft shell jacket, you manage the ascent without perspiring too much. Your friends too complete the trek without complaining and without problems thanks to their comfortable fleece hoodies, sports trousers and functional jackets. That's one of the characteristics of your friendship: always up for an adventure – even when it's completely unexpected. After a half-hour walk you get to the hut, which is simply but tastefully furnished and has an open fireplace, a bath and an amazingly big living area. What more could you want?

You slip out of your wet things and sit comfortably on large sofa in the living room dressed in sweat pants and a zip hoodie. One of your friends, in laid back leggings and a jersey sweatshirt, comes in carrying a tray of bread and cheese followed by another one carrying a bottle of red wine and some glasses. You sit together for ages, laughing and nattering just like you used to do. After a while you discover a game of 'Twister' in the games collection on one of the shelves. None of you needs to be asked twice. You soon throw your hooded jacket onto the sofa and carry on the game in your breathable functional shirt, out of breath from laughing and the various contortions. Your friends too have stripped down to their T-shirts – it seems your decision to pack comfortable sports kit for the weekend was the right one to make. Thanks to your regular yoga sessions – but perhaps because you've shown the most stamina when it comes to laughing – you finally emerge from the contest as the overall winner.

Always fit, always stylish

Late in the evening when two of your friends have already gone to bed so sit on the couch with your best friend drinking tea and reminiscing about the previous year when you both already spent time together in the little village. It was in January and you well remember the clear, ice-cold air and the incredible expanse of the mountains. The feeling you had whilst watching the sunrise on the veranda warmly clad in a warm kitted fleece coat, ski scarf and woollen beanie, or when you spent the entire day on the piste in padded ski trousers and a wind-proof ski jacket. You usually spent the evenings relaxing in front of the crackling fire in a snuggly velour zip jacket or a comfy oversized sweater. With these fond memories going through your head you climb the narrow stairs and fall asleep in an instant. The next day you're awakened by glorious sunshine and you all decide to take a hike around the surrounding forest tracks. The padded quilted jacket with hood that you wear over your jersey wool shirt gives you protection from the light breeze, which can still be quite cool in the shadier areas of the forest at this time of year. You hike for miles but the wild nature and constantly changing landscape all around offers more than sufficient compensation for the effort. Starving hungry you finally sit down to rest in a sunny clearing. All four of you take off your sneakers, roll up the legs of your active trousers, feel the soft grass between your toes and simply enjoy sitting in silence for a while. During the following picnic you all agree that this will not be your last holiday together – and you know that this is more than just an empty promise.

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