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Purses from Esprit

For women purses are almost as important as their handbags – they're more than just a fashion accessory. Our purses need to be practical and roomy. They need to suit our outfits and our personal styles, but above all they need to look good. Whether it's a traditional leather purse lent a personalised look by the many little signs of wear or a stylish clutch in which, in addition to money, we can also stow a few necessaries for the evening: we need purses that suit us – regardless of where we're going.

Constant companion and important fashion accessory

You're mobile phone rings just as you get home from the office with your arms full of the weekend shopping. You drop the stuffed bags along with your handbag and your large embossed leather purse on the table and immediately recognise your best friend's number. She needs to go to Hamburg on business the following week and really wants to spend this weekend with you before she goes. That's a lovely surprise – you've known each other since primary school and have continued to keep in touch even after your friend moved to Berlin. The next morning finds you waiting impatiently at the train station. Your friend is one of the first to get out when the train arrives. You wave at her with your zip-up purse in your hand as you walk towards her, and then you embrace. Within minutes the old feeling of familiarity has returned; you laugh and talk over each other while you first head back to your flat. Immediately it's settled that your friend will spend the weekend at your place and won't check into her hotel until the Monday morning. You don't waste much time – your friend drops her luggage off in the spare room and immediately you're off again on your personal little sightseeing tour of the Hanseatic city. You stroll along the Outer Alster Lake towards the city centre, and keep on past the town hall and the St. Michaelis church towards the port, whereby you both babble away without catching your breath – there's so much to tell. At the jetties your friend insists on some traditional Hamburg fare. She scrapes around for some change in her girly clip purse, disappears for a moment and soon returns clutching two fish rolls. You take a short break in the fresh wind by the waterside before slowly wandering over to the Karoline district via a still very quiet Reeperbahn.

The perfect combination of functionality and feminine style – women's purses

Your friend is captivated by the district's colourful, lively atmosphere. You dig around in a few quirky little boutiques, record shops and bric-a-brac stores until a charming little ice cream parlour catches your eye. You know from experience that the understated little shop makes the best ice cream anywhere in Hamburg. While your friend orders a coffee you take your place in the queue at the ice cream counter and pull out your black leather-look purse. You sit down together, each with a cup of frothy cappuccino and an ice cream waffle, enjoy the sweet, gently melting ice cream and almost feel like a couple of kids again. The final destination of your tour is the neighbouring Schanzen district that you want to show your friend. You've just reached the crowded Schulterblatt Street as your sister rings up out of the blue. She's a bit under the weather and wants to know if you could use two tickets for the new musical. What a question – you head straight over to her place to pick up the tickets. Then it's a quick dash back to your flat to get showered and changed. The unexpected opportunities is the perfect thing for a ladies' night out like in the olden days. Both in dresses and high heels, you with an elegant clutch purse and your friend with an eye-catching embossed leather purse, you set off. The music is fantastic – you sit in one of the front rows and are immediately captivated by the catchy tunes and dance numbers. Your evening draws to an end over cocktails in a high-class bar on the roof terrace of one of the dock-side high-rise buildings. You enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view over the Elbe river by night and the silhouettes of the dockyard cranes. You've experienced enough today to fill a whole week – and tomorrow will be even better.

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