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Women's bags by Esprit

We women take our bags everywhere; they are the epitome of feminine functionality. Whether we prefer the traditional shoulder bag, classy city bag or a glamorous clutch, our handbags enable us to add the finishing touch to every imaginable outfit with a practical accessory that holds everything we could possibly need throughout the day. Who says it's just about appearances? Women think practically – but always with a dash of style.

Women's handbags: great accessories and indispensable companions

It's there the minute the office door closes behind you on a Friday evening – the feeling of freedom; two lovely long days just waiting to be filled with everything you feel like doing. It's the weekend at last! Now you're in charge! You awaken early on the Saturday as the cheery morning sunlight floods your bedroom. Still dozing in bed your mind starts making plans for the day. The first is: get the fridge filled! A quick shower then it's off to the little market just round the corner. Your classy black city bag that you take to the office every day can have the day off today. A spacious canvas shopper with a colourful print pattern is a far better choice for your Saturday morning shopping spree. You look over all the produce and take in its aroma allowing yourself be carried away and inspired by the motley assortment of market stalls.

You get home bearing crispy fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and the best bread rolls in town. Now for a late breakfast to recharge your energy supplies: on the spur of the moment you've arranged to meet one of your work colleagues at the gym. You cram your sports kit and everything else you need into a sporty travel bag or into a large holdall with its convenient shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. Two hours of concentrated yoga: you can feel every muscle in your body. Finally you finish up and find yourself standing in the shower completely exhausted but wonderfully calm. Time for a well-earned break on the sofa. Late in the afternoon you stroll through the town with your best friend on the lookout for a suitable present for the house-warming party this evening. Your shoulder bag of soft natural leather is a comfortable companion and provides more than enough space for your shopping and any little trinkets you might grab along the way. You allow yourself to go with the flow. With all the chatting and walking to and fro, the afternoon flies by in a whirl. It's high time to start getting sorted out for the evening: all those little necessaries a safely stashed in a clever little clutch bag – with your lightweight luggage the evening can be as long as it likes.

As varied as our outfits, as individual as our personality – women's bags complete the picture

On Sunday you take things easy with lots of coffee, quiet music and a huge helping of fruit salad. Today's the day to finally pay a visit to that photo exhibition you've been interested in for so long. So you head off carrying your large suede hobo bag, your all-time favourite. You quietly drift through the exhibition room drawing inspiration from the large-format black and white pictures and allow your mind to wander. Where should your next holiday be? New York? Some unspoilt island? A fishing village in Andalusia? Sunday is family day: you meet up with your big sister in a cosy little café to chat about what's been happening in the past week. A little shoulder bag with fine detailing is the perfect match for your casual weekend outfit and has plenty of space for that shirt that you borrowed from her several months ago. There's much too much to tell each other – the conversation is loud, lively and completely hectic, the way it always is when two sisters get together. Minutes after you get home you're off again, ready for new experiences: you're dancing tango for the first time ever. A small clutch bag with crocodile pattern sets of your black dance dress with its risqué side split, as elegant and stylish as your own wonderful dance steps. Late that evening, already beginning to nod off, you revue the events of your weekend. Only another five days till the next weekend full of fun, ideas and new opportunities. Make the best use you can of every one of them – with women's bags from Esprit.

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