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Women's belts from Esprit

Belts are wonderful accessories. Of course they do what they're designed to do and ensure that our clothes sit well at all times – but women's belts can do much more. They provide the final touch for every outfit, whether in terms of perfecting our clothing, providing an exciting colour contrast or simply as an eye-catcher for a quirky look. Whether they're plain and sophisticated from naturally coloured smooth leather, or eye-catching in coloured, punched or stamped leather, in used look or in lacquer look – there's a perfect belt available for every outfit. And best of all – all these women's belts go just as well with a hundred other looks that are all tailor-made for us.

One women's belt, a hundred outfits: anything we like

It's a mild sunny Monday morning as you leave the house in a short blazer, business skirt and a narrow black belt, and head to the office full of anticipation. It's a new colleagues first day with the company today and it's your job to show her the ropes. You walk into your boss' office in a good mood, where your new colleague is already waiting. In her slim-fit black business trousers with a wide suede belt, an open and friendly smile on her face you take an instant liking to her. You're looking forward to the day and to getting to know her better. You introduce yourself properly over a quick coffee in the office kitchen and explain a bit about the different departments and the basic work flows. Then you both set off to meet the rest of the team. The morning goes by quickly and you both soon notice that you share a lot of mutual interests. Your new colleague has only just moved to the town and is delighted to discover that you too are interested in modern design. During your lunch break you get into such a lively discussion about various designers and graphic artists that you hardly notice what you're eating. On the way back to the office you suggest a joint visit to an international design show on the weekend that opens on Thursday in one of the larger museums. Your colleague accepts your offer without thinking twice.

Simple, elegant or quirky – but always eye catching

The week goes by quickly – there's a lot to do and your new colleague turns out to be a real support for you. She is already quite au fait with many of the tasks and does everything quickly and reliably. She walks happily up and down the corridors in a straight cut knitted dress and a wide coloured leather belt, always has a smile for everyone and seems to relish every new challenge. On the Wednesday evening you get an unexpected visit from a friend who hasn't been in town for ages. You're delighted to suddenly find her standing outside your door. As always she's dressed simply but still stunningly in a pair of slim-fit cotton trousers with an elegant belt of embossed leather and a high-quality cashmere jumper. You sit together over a glass of wine at the kitchen table and bring each other up to date on the events of the past few weeks. When you tell your friend about the exhibition on the weekend she starts to smile: her boyfriend of many years just happens to be the curator of precisely that museum. Having promised to put you both on the guest list for the exhibition opening on the Thursday evening your friend takes her leave from you quite late in the evening. You can hardly wait to tell your new colleague about this newest development on the Thursday morning – she's almost as pleased about it as you are. Some of the best known artists will be at the opening event.

There's not a lot of time to get changed for the evening after work. You hurry home and quickly take the decision to wear a pair of black skinny jeans with a feminine belt of smooth leather and a short blazer and high heels – feminine and individual at the same time. Just as you look at the clock your colleague rings the doorbell. In a jersey wool dress with a pretty plaited belt and narrow boots and wearing her characteristic smile she looks fantastic. As you close the door behind you you're already looking forward to the evening – and above all, you're really glad to have made a new friend.

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