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Costume jewellery by Esprit

We love costume jewellery: no other accessory can pick up current trends as well and with such versatility and lend our outfits that certain something so accurately. For many years now costume jewellery has been more than just a cheap substitute for more expensive jewellery. Modern chains and rings, earrings and bracelets sparkle in a plethora of styles and materials; they can be plain or extravagant, trendy or timeless. Whether it's a colourful leather armband, eye-catching earrings with cut glass stones or an elegant vintage-look necklace, costume jewellery is just like us – versatile, uncomplicated and open to any look.

Costume jewellery: all the freedom we need for our own individual style

It's Friday evening and after a long week all you're looking forward to is a bath and an early night. Lying in the bathroom you put your antique-look earrings, your bracelet with its inset semi-precious stones and your delicate chain with its matching pendant in your large jewellery box and are just about to fill the bath when there's a ring at the door. You go along the passage wondering who it could be, and open the door – only to met with your best friend's beaming face, who is standing in front of you in high heels and a narrow, softly shimmering dress. She seems to be glowing all over – from her long earrings with their glittering stones to her dress and her dazzling smile. On one of her hands her she's wearing a wide ring studded with loads of little cut glass stones; in the other she's holding a bottle of Prosecco. With a complete lack of ceremony she marches into your flat and tells you she's just been promoted today, something she's been working towards for at least a year. It seems like the bathtub will have to get by without you this evening. You grab a quick shower while you're already thinking about what you might wear that evening. Skinny jeans and a cascade top with a sparkling link chain and the ring with the large eye-catching stone? Or maybe a sophisticated black jersey dress with a long metal chain and a glamorous bracelet made of sparkling metal scales?

Emphasise the features, nail your colours to the mast, discover something new

As you come out from the shower with a towel wrapped around your hair there's another ring at the door – two more of your friends have heard the news in the meantime and want to celebrate with you. Your friend excitedly tells you about the events of the day as she opens the bottle of Prosecco and pours out four glasses. At the same time you all start to think about where you might go that evening. Cocktail bar or a trendy lounge club? One of your friends, wearing only in a casual denim skirt, vintage-look shirt and cardigan looks a bit shocked – she's not properly dressed for a night out. Without wasting much time you drag her into your bedroom and open your wardrobe: the two other girls follow you in laughing and gesticulating. While your friend tries on a pair of skinny jeans and pumps, you've discovered a multi-strand chain of eye-catching coloured pearls and a matching pearl bracelet. Your other friend turns the music up and takes her shoes off so she can dance to her favourite song till her long chain of delicate ring links flies all about her. Only half dressed you start to dance along and before you know it the four of you are all dancing away until you finally fall into each other's arms laughing and breathless. That evening you only leave the flat once, to get a second bottle of Prosecco – als the four of you watch the sun come up standing on the balcony the next morning, you all agree that last night was one of those special nights.

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