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Silver and stainless steel jewellery from Esprit

Silver and stainless steel – apparently two complete opposites. But sophisticated stainless steel jewellery is every bit as good as traditional feminine silver jewellery. Both metals can be crafted into beautiful, feminine pieces of jewellery. Whilst smart earrings, charm necklaces or bracelets of pure Sterling silver make an extremely feminine impression, a ring or trendy hoop earrings with precious stones add a more playful touch. Long-time favourite, fashionable trendy item or that really special piece of jewellery with its own provenance, solid or lacy, plain or playful – we love the variety and the combination possibilities that silver and stainless steel jewellery have to offer.

Multifaceted favourites of stainless steel and silver

An evening with two of your friends: three women, three styles, three personalities. You love these differences; the individual approaches to life and varied experiences. Only when it comes to what to eat are you all in perfect agreement: you all love the little Italian restaurant, which is made to measure for your regular get-togethers. Paolo, the waiter, welcomes you like old friends and leads you straight over to your favourite table in the window bay with its romantic view of the overgrown garden. The three of you sit together by candlelight, an excellent red wine and tasty antipasti and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the serious conversations that spontaneously develop almost of their own accord. Your oldest friend, whom you've known since primary school, proudly shows off her new pendant, a piece of silver jewellery in the form of a medallion that she's wearing on a lustrous pearl necklace. You look at it smiling as your friend explains how she got the charm pendant as a present from her boyfriend. She's always been the romantic type and has always like pretty fashions and feminine jewellery, always associated with dear and very personal memories. This engraved pendant is one of these pieces of jewellery and goes really well with her fancy charm bracelet and her polished silver ring with its single pearl.

Lost in thought you twirl your delicate two-tone stainless steel ring as your gaze wanders over to your other friend, whom you met at your first job after university. She's a simple and honest person in every respect – plain but elegant outfits, a keen interest in culture and music, clear statements rather than romantic stories about relationships. This evening she's wearing a plain, monochrome box dress that goes really well with her unusual link chain. As always she's wearing her hair up presenting a perfect view of her broad, puristic silver tribal-look earrings, which you've never seen before. Suddenly you're snapped out of your thoughts – your friend's hand with its polished stainless steel ring and cubic zirconias nudges you gently. You've completely missed the fact that the other two have been having a lively discussion about what to have for desert.

Dazzlingly styled – with silver and stainless steel jewellery

While you try to decide, your friend points to your delicate sterling silver chain that you actually wear all the time and to the new charm pendant dangling from it. You laugh and tell her that last time you visited your sister you had to help her to catch her two canaries that had escaped from their cage whereby you had to turn the entire flat on its head. Your sister gave you the pendant as a token of thanks. The silver pendant with the small inlaid stone that you used to wear on the chain is now dangling from your multi-link silver bracelet. Paolo comes over with tiramisu and espresso and as you enjoy the final tasty treat of the evening you think about how amazing it is that three such different women can have so much in common – above all of course a love of excellent food. You have to smile and suddenly you have the feeling that your two friends are thinking exactly the same as you right now.

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