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Hosiery by Esprit

Stockings and leg warmers are half basics, half fashion accessory. We wear them almost without noticing and like a second skin, or else as an exciting contrast or cosy addition to whatever outfit we happen to be wearing. Women's socks, stockings and leg warmers can be extremely understated – but they don't have to be. Traditional knee-length stockings, overknees in trendy colours or finely knitted leg warmers all add a personal touch to our look and are extremely functional at the same time. What'll it be today? Only one thing is certain: Stockings and leg warmers are essential elements of our favourite personal styles.

Wellness for feet, style for your outfit – stockings can do both

You sit back comfortably in your chair, whilst green meadows and forests flit by through the train window, and stretch your legs in a pair of brown angora overknees and ankle booties. It's been a long week full of meetings but the pleasant relaxed train journey and the view through the window is increasing your sense of happy anticipation of the coming weekend. A yoga workshop with your best friend at a woodland hotel in the middle of the countryside – exactly the kind of downtime you need right now. Your friend is already there and immediately shows you round the small, cosy hotel suite. A gently flickering fire bathes the lounge area in a warm light. Dressed in a corduroy skirt and comfortable Norway-pattern knee stockings she sits cross-legged on the large sofa that's positioned directly in front of the fireplace and starts filling you in on the events of the previous week. No TV, no music, no DVDs – and still the evening flies by with laughing, chatting and the subdued crackling of the fire in the background.

Despite the late evening you wake up early the next morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. Even before breakfast there's an introductory session. In a plain, sunlit studio you get to know your yoga teachers and the other workshop participants. You kneel on the yoga mat next to your friend dressed in leggings, a top and sporty sneaker socks, concentrate on your breathing and on the flowing, surprisingly tiring exercises. Your teacher's soft voice accompanies every movement. Perspiring but fully relaxed you enjoy a short cooling down and relaxation break before you put on your knitted leg warmers and head off for breakfast with your friend. The morning is taken up with a long, intensive yoga session and a light lunch after which you both feel like getting out for a walk in the nearby woods. In a pair of sturdy biker boots, fine-weave tights, denim skirt and a woollen coat you follow the narrow forest path, jump over puddles and observe three deer from a distance that jump across the glade seemingly noiselessly.

Warmers for legs and arms – a feel-good accessory that can easily keep up with any trend

After another yoga lesson and a long session in the sauna you just about manage to lift a glass to the weekend during dinner before dropping into your beds in the apartment. During the early morning exercises on Sunday you notice that your movements are flowing better and that you're breathing more evenly than on the day before. In shorts and a pair of fine-ribbed socks you stretch your arms and legs and try to concentrate completely on your body. A lengthy breakfast, a massage session and then the final lesson during which you all take your leave and have one last chat, then the weekend is already over. Arm in arm you and your friend take a final lengthy stroll to the station where your luggage is already waiting. In a relaxed style in light Chinos, a cotton top and soft knitted gauntlets you board the train. Your friend sits down next to you in leggings, comfortable jersey material leg warmers and an oversized jumper and goes over the events of the short break. You both agree: you'll have to have another session of downtime at some point – but for now you're looking forward to the coming week at work.

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