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Sunglasses by Esprit

Sunglasses are part accessory, part functional protection from the sun and in the best case scenario they combine both of these aspects in a stylish and feminine way. Narrow and dynamic for the perfect fit during sport, elegant and feminine with large dark glasses, striking trendy colours or extravagant retro look, Esprit sunglasses for women are available to suit any outfit and all tastes. Today laid back, tomorrow glamorous – you can wear the same great pair of sunglasses every day, but why should you? Esprit's huge selection of different and stylish women's sunglasses makes it easy for us to make a change.

Necessary in the nicest possible way: high-quality women's sunglasses

After a month of deadlines and overtime you're feeling exhausted and completely worn out. Your sister, who knows you better than anyone else, once again comes to your aid quite unexpectedly: on the spur of the moment she invites you to join her on the short trip to the mountains she's been planning. Together with one of her friends she's booked a two-day mountain bike tour through one of the best known woods of the area followed by two days of complete relaxation in a secluded spa hotel. It's true that you've never been biking in the mountains but then again, a new experience is exactly what you need right now: you really notice that after getting out of the train at a little station full of anticipation and climb aboard the hotel's shuttle bus that's already waiting to collect you. The mountain bike rental firm is part of the hotel where you'll be leaving your luggage behind for the next two days. You marvel at the breathtaking mountain scenery as the bus climbs higher and higher up the switchbacks. Your sister digs out a pair of uni-sex sunglasses with wide frames and mirror glass out of her bag and grins at you expectantly. You're both getting more excited whilst her colleague, who often goes mountain biking pushes her thin-line slightly tinted sunglasses up to the top of her head every now and then and tells you all sorts of things about the area and the possible routes you could take.

It's still the middle of the morning by the time you reach the hotel. You quickly arrange to collect your bikes and pack everything you need for an overnight stay in lightweight rucksacks. A member of the hotel's staff gives you a route map and a bunch of useful tips before you set out. In leggings, shirt and functional jacket, a sporty pair of sunglasses with an extra high UV-filter factor balanced on your nose, you press down on the pedals and follow your sister's colleague up the first steep part of the path. With her mountain experience and her nice, relaxed manner she soon becomes the guide for your little group. In shorts and a soft shell jacket and with a dynamic pair of sunglasses made of unbreakable plastic she sometimes rides ahead and sometimes rides next to you giving you loads of advice about how best to manage your energy reserves and to conquer the demanding parts of the route.

Snazzy sports glasses or eye-catching retro-look frames: Esprit sunglasses for any occasion

As the evening starts drawing in you reach the hut where you'll be spending the night. Content and satisfied you lay in your bed that evening and for the first time in weeks you feel completely relaxed and settled. The next day you take the long way back to your hotel via alpine meadows and narrow forest tracks. With your sister and her colleague you make the perfect threesome: your sense of humour and interests complement each other as does your endurance on the bike. You stop on a high mountain meadow for a lunch of fresh milk, bread and cheese and late in the afternoon you finally ride up the hotel's broad driveway, tired but happy. Now it's time to relax: a long lie-in; sauna; swimming in the pool; massages and lounging about. Together with your new friend you spend the first afternoon lying in deckchairs on the hotel's huge sun terrace, drinking exotic smoothies and enjoying the dolce far niente. You dose off wearing a pair of black, feminine, retro-look sunglasses, whilst your friend browses a few magazines, her stylish pilot's shades pushed up onto her forehead every now and then letting her gaze wander across the mountain scenery. The two days go by much to quickly. Somewhat wistfully you get out of the hotel bus as it arrives back at the station and stroll through the little village for a while. Your sister, all ready for city life in her sophisticated block form sunglasses, discovers a picturesque little shop where they sell wood carvings and other handcrafted products. Together you pick out a beautiful handmade bowl made of polished walnut as a souvenir for your parents – that way the entire family will have had something from these excellent four days.

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