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Women's watches by Esprit

Accurate to the second, stylish and reliable every day: women's watches are an everyday but nevertheless special piece of jewellery that we can never see enough of. They are our constant companions, they're understated and comfortable, always available and effortlessly complete our outfits with a completely personal touch of style. Women's watches from Esprit are a bit of individuality: whether traditional or elegant, sporty or extravagant, whether it's a luminously colourful stainless steel watch with plastic strap, an elegant chronometer or a watch with a stylish wraparound bracelet, you alone decide what suits you. Choose a watch that fits perfectly with your lifestyle – select a woman's watch from Esprit.

Multi-faceted, feminine and top quality: watches are our long-term companions

Almost time for the annual family get-together. You all spend a whole two days together to catch up on the latest news and spend time together. One by one they all turn up, alone or with partners and kids, till the whole house is full of the sound of voices, laughter and running around. You share a room with your younger sister – just like in the old days. Like every year the first evening is dominated by the women of the family. You sit together with your mother, your auntie, your cousins and your grandmother, bringing each other up to date and basking in memories. Once again it strikes you how each one of you combines a completely different set of characteristics and has her own style and her own particular direction in life. In the last few years your mother, in particular, has become more of a friend and confidante. The simple but at the same time modern women's watch on her arm, with its real diamonds, was a present of your father's on their last anniversary. With its plain, straight-lined design it exudes down-to-earth, feminine elegance and a hint of luxury – the most suitable present ever and a wonderful, everlasting memento. Your little sister is your more trusted confidante, regardless of how different you are. She lives from one day to the next, travels all over Europe as an event manager, loves parachuting and the Asian martial arts. Her white stainless steel watch combines sporty chic and playful femininity: casual style for everyday life and of a high enough quality for special occasions.

Women's watches – functional timepieces and stylish jewellery in one

Your cousin loves to make a grand entrance. As the proprietor of a well-respected art gallery she is modern, extroverted and places great emphasis on the right style. She especially loves luxurious items like the glamorous decorative watch she likes to wear on her wrist on special occasions like this. With a broad finely decorated armband and a narrow face it's the perfect combination of chronometer and arm jewellery – and a great compliment to the most elegant of evening outfits. Your auntie is a blithe spirit and has a real talent for organisation. Alongside four kids, two dogs and a variety of different hobbies she casually writes a magazine column on the side as well as two fashion blogs. Her nonchalant, effortless style always includes a special touch, exactly like her traditional, zircon-studded watch in bright gold. A beautiful women's watch, on the one hand robust and durable, on the other softly feminine, and as multi-faceted as your auntie herself. Women's watches are not designed for compromises. You yourself decide what route you'll take – take the liberty of being yourself, even when it comes to choosing your ideal watch. As varied as your life, as multi-faceted as your personality, high quality and feminine – that's women's watches from Esprit.

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