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Women's blazers by Esprit

Women's suits are actually the traditional choice for the office – but modern, feminine styled formal wear can do much more than just business. Waisted blazers, suits with stretch comfort or wool-mix blazers with trendy glen check or herringbone pattern also accompany us effortlessly to official events, celebrations and whenever we feel like it, even in everyday life. Casually combined with a pair of comfortable Chinos or skinny jeans it's easy to turn a blazer into an everyday outfit with a personal touch. Traditional or trendy – women's suits provide formal style with everyday potential.

Elegant combi or eye-catching combination – women's blazers are a styling miracle

Your boss meets you in the office with some exciting news. Concrete plans to open a branch office in Switzerland have been afoot for quite a while. Now she wants to fly to Zurich following an initial acquisition to look at a few properties and to meet with business contacts and potential employees. She wants you to come with her to support her during meetings. About a week later you board the plane together. In a dark cotton blazer, a plain top and stretch trousers you lean back in your seat, watch the take-off and think about what might happen during the next few days. Your stylish hotel is located right on the Bahnhofstraße in Zurich, the world famous shopping strip and promenade. After checking in you don't have much time left to freshen up and change. You wait for your boss in the lobby dressed in a pencil skirt, pumps and shiny black textured blazer to meet up for lunch with an agent, who can recommend appropriate partners and staff for you in Zurich. It's a productive discussion – in addition to important contact information you also pick up a lot of valuable tips about real estate and the best place for business premises.

Over coffee you and your boss go back over the results before taking a taxi to meet up with an estate agent a short distance outside of the city centre. Your boss, in a slim-line pin striped blazer and matching business trousers takes the lead as you have the estate agent show you around two neighbouring properties. The two properties are generously proportioned and well equipped but they're too far outside of town. After a short phone call the agent promises to show you another office building the next day. Your boss still has a private meeting so you can take the rest of the evening to explore the city. In a nonchalant sweat blazer, skinny jeans and wedge booties you head for Zurich-West, a former working class district where there's always a lot going on at this time. You look around a few shops and boutiques that are open late, enjoy that colourful scene and observe the lively mix of clubs, bars and restaurants.

Elegant and relaxed at the same time – formal wear to make you feel good

The next morning the property visit is on the schedule as promised. In a slim-line blazer of fine corduroy over a light-coloured, plain cut jersey wool dress you meet up with your boss at the hotel's breakfast buffet before travelling to the property in question. The office the agent shows you today is just about perfect. The bright, spacious rooms are inviting and there's even room for future expansion, and the location in an interesting district near the town centre is perfect. Your boss is really enthusiastic and asks the agent to send her the detailed documentation. You get back to the hotel around midday for a quick change of clothes before meeting for lunch with a potential managing director for the Zurich office. Dressed in a waisted grey blazer and slim-fit business trousers, your boss in a grey stretch suit and a white blouse, you walk to a sophisticated restaurant a few blocks away that the receptionist recommended to you. The candidate is certainly extremely interesting with deep roots in the Zurich agency scene and full of good ideas. When you finally say goodbye after nearly two hours you've already agreed a date for a second meeting. You wake up early on the day of your return trip: in plain black treggings, ankle booties and a military-style blazer you drive back to Zurich airport. Outside the trees and house frontages slip by. You're looking forward to the new office in Switzerland – and to the opportunity of returning here often.

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