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Blouses by Esprit

The blouse is to us what the shirt is to men. A universal classic, always suitable for the office but at the same time modern, nonchalant or stylish – however it suits us best. Blouses are an unmissable element of our wardrobes because they allow us to look great in a relaxed way and in every situation. A simple waisted cotton blouse in dark colours, a casual collarless viscous blouse with stretch cuffs or a smart, softly cascading silk blouse – women's blouses are variable and fit perfectly with our own individual look. They are one thing above all – stylish and multi-faceted in an extremely feminine manner.

Boyfriend style, business look, casual feeling – women's blouses for every mood

The time has come. In a few days time you'll be launching your own little company. The basic idea of offering modern flower arrangements, confectionery and pastries for weddings and parties has been with you forever – now you've finally taken the plunge! Nearly everything is done: you've renovated and refurnished the business premises with kitchen and office space from top to bottom – there's only a couple of small details missing – as well as a huge amount of organisational talent for a perfect launch. In the evening after the tradesmen have finally cleared out you sit at your new shop counter in a basic cotton blouse and review the coming days in your mind's eye.

This morning you have an important meeting with a supplier, who wants to show you some particularly exclusive roses. Dressed in a black, cotton mix stretch blouse and skinny jeans you meet the gentleman in your shop and go through his product range. He's got a selection of real flowers with him and you're really pleased about the favourable terms he offers you to help get your shop up and running. After a quick lunch you pick up a friend of yours so that you can both distribute last-minute flyers ahead of the grand opening. You've dreamt up a few really special touches – after all everything needs to be perfect. Dressed in a softly cascading viscous blouse with narrow boot-cut jeans you both range through the district handing out flyers to passers-by and take a final look at the surrounding shops. By way of a thank you for her afternoon's work you invite her into your kitchen for an evening meal and a glass of wine before you fall into bed tired but full of anticipation.

Multi-faceted companion and must-have feminine fashion item

The next morning you're up early. Today you can collect the new delivery van from the dealer. You've found suitable transportation just in time so that there are no further obstacles in the way of providing a complete wedding and events service. In a crinkle blouse with stylish print you stand in the dealer forecourt admiring your new van. You try out every function before you sign the contract – then you're at the wheel and a short time later you pull up and park in front of your shop for the first time. A company logo is quickly applied to the van as you eat lunch. Because the first trip is already scheduled for the same afternoon: at the hypermarket you grab what you need in the way of drinks and nibbles as well as shop decoration. A caterer friend goes along with you and helps you choose. In a casual linen mix tunic blouse you stroll through the aisles drawing inspiration from the huge selection of enticing, fresh wares.

It's the big day! To mark the opening you've decorated the entire shop. The windows and shop floor are overflowing with colour-coordinated flower garlands and other unusual arrangements; there are good quality silver bowls with petit fours everywhere as well as delicate biscuits and different sized cakes. More and more people make their way in, attracted by colourful splendour and infected by your own good mood. Wearing a high-quality, black-lace chiffon blouse with an A-line skirt you welcome your guests and customers, hand out luminescent red and white roses and small paper bags containing vouchers and flower-shaped biscuits and chat endlessly. It's very late by the time you are finally able to close your shop this evening. You've already agreed the first few orders and handed out hundreds of business cards – exhausted but euphoric you drop into bed, your thoughts already racing ahead to the coming day.

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