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Women's jackets by Esprit

The reason we love our coats and jackets is that they combine style with functionality. They need to keep us warm, emphasise our femininity and go with our individual outfit. Is that too much to ask for? No problem for the perfect women's jacket. A traditional trench coat, timeless leather jacket or a comfortable nylon jacket – we all know how absolutely essential the right coats and jackets can be for a woman. Our lives are shaped by our plans, desires and needs. Our favourites cater to all of these and make us look great – easily and with ever new styles.

For warmth and well-being, for every day – women's jackets

It's one those beautiful winter days where you're greeted by a bright flood of sunshine from an powder blue sky even as you wake up in the morning. It's been snowing and right away you know that you'll have to spend the day outside, breathing in the clear air and soaking up every drop of sunlight. So off you go with your best friend for a lengthy winter ramble. Lovely and warm in your parka or your quilted down coat with fur-lined hood you amble through the snow and enjoy the gleaming white countryside. A good friend calls and spontaneously invites you to a round of ice skating at the new ice rink in the city park. Time to rediscover all your talents! Casual and comfortable in a quilted down jacket and thick-knit woollen hat you spend the entire afternoon on the ice, laughing and practising and, long after the sun has gone down, you let the evening drift towards a relaxing close with a couple of glasses of mulled wine and hot waffles.

In spring the days start to lengthen. At last a gentle green flushes the trees and the first flowers appear in the front garden. The grey winter mood is gone: life is awakening everywhere. Now is the time to start wearing your trench coat again, traditional or modern, but always tailored to your feminine curves – a fantastic accompaniment to your business outfit. The new year has kicked off with a plethora of new projects, and your days are long and intensive. But your leisure time is even more intensive: this weekend you're off mountain biking in the hills for the first time with a group of friends. You revel in the challenge, dressed in functional but sporty stretch leggings and a wind-proof soft-shell jacket. You ride through thickly forested areas, along narrow, stony paths, and finally you are rewarded with a breathtaking view and a satisfying sense of exhaustion.

Light and airy, stylish and elegant – jackets and coats that can do anything

It's summertime! A time of unlimited possibilities and long, wonderfully hot days. In the early summer when the nights are still rather cool, the breath pulsates through your body as you jog through a nearby forest in the early morning. A lightweight, loudly coloured, breathable windcheater gives you some protection from the early-morning cold while you enjoy the sunlight that scatters among the saturated green foliage bathing the woods in a golden glow. Awake and refreshed you plan a shopping trip with your best friend as you eat your breakfast – it'll soon be the start of the bikini season. A short, feminine, vintage-look denim jacket and wedges complement your airy summer dress during your protracted outing in town. In the evening you meet up with some friends on the spur of the moment for the first garden party of the year. Everything is perfect: there are colourful paper lanterns, a barbecue and a delicious buffet, music and cheery conversations. In a pair of skinny jeans and a soft leather jacket you enjoy the balmy summer evening under an infinite canopy of twinkling stars.

The summer flies by much too quickly. Autumn ushers in the first of the cool nights but also a whole palette of new colours. Long ago you abandoned your trench coat in favour of a coat of warm wool or stylish tweed for your journey to the office. You use the weekend to make the best of the last few days of pleasant weather. Dressed in a quilted parka or a fur-lined duffel coat you take in the myriad of colours as you observe the changing foliage on your forest walks whilst soaking up the final rays of sun and formulating your plans for the coming months. Soon another year will have passed – you're looking forward to the future. To enjoy everything we encounter, to make the most of every single moment and to discover something new about ourselves and world every single day; that's what makes life worth living. With women's jackets from Esprit you can be yourself in every season of the year and be perfectly dressed, no matter where your journey takes you.

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