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Women's coats from Esprit

Women's coats are perfect for shopping, going to work and evening events. They make us look great in any season regardless of the weather. So it's no wonder that women's coats are available in an incredible range of styles: a smart blazer coat makes the right impression on the way to an important meeting; a pretty duffel coat adds to the intimate atmosphere when you're out on a date, and in a trench coat drawn in at the waist by a smart belt you'll cut an excellent figure wherever you are. In addition to clever details and feminine styles Esprit's women's coats are all made of high-quality materials: from puristic tweed coats to a large selection of woollen coats with decorative buttons right up to parka-style coats or cosy quilted down coats; what they all have in common is style and quality.

Simply attractive: coats for women

Your alarm goes off at seven o'clock on a Saturday morning. Yet you leap out of bed immediately because the annual flea market is in town today. But today you're not going to be shopping and browsing round the stalls; instead you'll be doing some selling yourself. Together with two friends you set up a flea market stall once a year to make space in your wardrobe. That's why you've spent the whole of the previous week sorting out your wardrobe. Because you prefer an uncomplicated approach, you make easy work of it: anything that you haven't worn for more than a year gets sold. Well, that's the idea anyway. But you simply can't say farewell to your feminine patterned tweed coat or to your original lambskin-look wrap-around coat. The tweed coat is simply an 'evergreen' and you love the wrap-around coat because it brings back so many memories. But you've packed everything else in a load of boxes and shopping bags. Before you leave the house you do a final check to see that you've thought of everything: enough change, fingerless gloves, extra-warm woolly socks to stop your feet getting cold, sandwiches and biscuits. You stuff a purse full of change in the pocket of your quilted trench coat and throw everything else in a spacious leather bag. So it's off to the flea market.

Women's coats for any style and all weathers

Your two friends are already there and have managed to find a strategically placed spot. Both are excellently styled for the occasion: whilst the one underlines her usual boho style with a rough-knit coat with flap-pockets, an oversized knitted scarf and matching cap, the other is wearing an extravagant woollen coat in a black and white Vichy pattern. But it isn't just their outfits that has prepared them well for their day at the flea market: one of them has brought along a thermos flask full of steaming hot coffee and the other has baked some muffins. You soon get talking to the girls in the neighbouring stand. To your left is a likeable young mother snuggled up in a warm parka coat with a fur-lined hood, who is selling her four-year-old daughter's baby clothes. As soon as you give her daughter a muffin the ice is broken. To the right of you two young women have set out everything they want to sell on two large blankets on the floor. One of them is wearing a colourful duffel coat and the other a cosy fake-fur coat, which puts you in mind of your beloved lamb-skin wrap-around coat hanging in your wardrobe. Good that you decided not to part with it. Your first customers snap you out of your reverie. An elegant-looking lady in a long military-style coat buys your lined leather gloves, and another is pleased to discover a knitted bonnet among your things that tones in perfectly with her quilted down coat. Neither of them even tries to haggle. With a cup of hot coffee in your hand you're happy about this successful start to the day. Even now you and your friends have decided: next year you'll transform yourselves into flea market sellers again – and then, at the latest, you'll wear your beloved wrap-around coat again.

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